Record Stores in Stockholm, Sweden

Gellborn Records | Record Store

Gellborn Records

Address: Sveavägen 109, 113 50 Stockholm, Sweden
..more than 100.000 records for sale

Beluga Records (Since 1994) | Record Store

Beluga Records (Since 1994)

Address: Matrosbacken 10, 117 67 Stockholm, Sweden
Record Label & Online Store that can be visited by appointment only. Please e-mail: or phone +46 723704011

Vinylbutiken Stockholm | Record Store

Vinylbutiken Stockholm

Address: Skeppargatan 27, 114 52 Stockholm, Sweden
Mostly hifi equipment and a few records. Hard to find the store because its very small sign on the door.

Stockholm´s Serie & Skivhandel | Record Store

Stockholm´s Serie & Skivhandel

Address: Sveavägen 104, 113 50 Stockholm, Sweden
Small shop with the classical genres such as rock, pop, soul, and so on

House Of Oldies | Record Store

House Of Oldies

Website: Bookogs
Address: Torsgatan 63, 113 37 Stockholm, Sweden
In the cluster of record shops in Vasastan area is also this great store, selling only used vinyl, specialised in progressive & psychedelic rock (newest records are from the 80's), 50's rock'n'roll, rhytm'n'blues, country and jazz. Decent pricing, accurate grading. Tends to sell the whole stock empty regularly to keep things dynamic.

Mickes | Record Store


Address: Långholmsgatan 20, 117 33 Stockholm, Sweden
Also has a section on Långholmsgatan 13 that focuses more on soul, funk, hip-hop etc

ClassicalBay | Record Store


Address: Munkbrogatan 8, 111 27 Stockholm, Sweden
Specialized in audiophile records and classical vinyl. Online sales and pickup of purchased records or by appointment.

Omega Records Stockholm | Record Store

Omega Records Stockholm

Address: Upplandsgatan 47, 113 28 Stockholm, Sweden
Used Vinyl and CD records plus limited selection of new releases.In-store pickup of Discogs orders.

Bromma Records | Record Store

Bromma Records

Address: Bävervägen 53, 168 30 Bromma, Sweden
Bromma Records have a qualitative range of used vinyl records. We specialized in rock, jazz and soul.We buy, trade and sell records with that extra something, but also have more mainstream items for sale.Are customers are savvy and inquisitive, but the thing all visitors have in common is the love for music.Update June 2018: This shop is selling online and open by appointment only.

MAD Records stockholm | Record Store

MAD Records stockholm

Address: Sankt Eriksgatan 79, 113 32 Stockholm, Sweden
Records and Stuff

Diamond Records | Record Store

Diamond Records

Address: Atlasmuren 18, 113 21 Stockholm, Sweden
Must have one of Stockholm's worst locations.On Vasastan Side of St. Erik bridge goes downstairs that leads under the bridge.Unclear with opening hours and what records they sell

Film & Musik Slussen | Record Store

Film & Musik Slussen

Address: Blå bodarna, 116 45 Stockholm, Sweden
A recently closed shop that had good prices and a lot of personality.Pictures at:

Atlas Records | Record Store

Atlas Records

Website: Facebook
Address: Sankt Eriksgatan 5, 112 39 Stockholm, Sweden
Record store located at legendary S:t Eriksplan, Stockholm, since 1988. Vinyls, CDs, DVDs, Promos, Posters etc. New & Used.

Vintage Violence | Record Store

Vintage Violence

Address: Kindstugatan 9, 111 31 Stockholm, Sverige
Record store selling prog, psych, metal, jazz, hc, indie etc. on vinyl, cassette and CD.

Plugged Records | Record Store

Plugged Records

Address: Stora Nygatan 7, 111 27 Stockholm, Sweden
Distributor and record store with own import. Mainly jazz, blues & rock. Plugged Records AB is an independent distributor of music. The company runs a record store at Stora Nygatan 7 in Stockholm Sweden and a webshop at

Larrys Corner | Record Store

Larrys Corner

Address: Grindsgatan 35, 118 57 Stockholm, Sweden
AboutWelcome to Larrys Corner... a little corner of the world for those of us looking for... I don't know... let's just look for it. basically we can look at music, films, books and whatever else pushes our buttonsAt Larry's Corner we specialize in all that other stuff. The more obscure it is, the better the chances you will find it here. And if you don't, then just ask. Larry loves looking for stuff. 15 years as a Swedish librarian has given Larry a knack for looking and for finding. So don't be shy. We also have an art room that is available to artists needing a cool little room to exhibit. Get in touch for terms.The art room can also be used for book releases, readings, kids theatre....we open to pretty much all that is at least semi legal. We also have a mini film club and have small cozy concertsget in touch if you are interested in doing a showwe got oodles and oodles and an oodle or two more here so i will try my best to get most if not all onto this site. gonna take a while so feel free to ask!Open hours:tues - fri: 11:57-18:04sat: 11:56 - 17.02sun - mon find something better to do. i wanna play with my daughter so we closedContact:

Kollaps Records | Record Store

Kollaps Records

Address: Hökens gata 4, 116 46 Stockholm, Sweden
Kollaps Records is an alternative electronic recordstore in Stockholm, Sweden.Mostly vinyl-records and cassettes and also second-hand vinyls. A little new CD-section. We sell directly in shop and through mail-order.Main genres: Minimal Synth, EBM, Industrial, Techno, Noise, Kraut, Italo, Synth-Pop, Darkwave.Kollaps is also a concert promoter and party organizer.

Cosmos Factory | Record Store

Cosmos Factory

Address: Upplandsgatan 47, 113 28 Stockholm, Sweden
Mostly Jazz and Classic recordsMon-fri 11-18.15

Soundkilla | Record Store


Address: Sankt Eriksgatan 48, 112 34 Stockholm, Sweden
Soundkilla specializes in Reggae music, and our ambition is to cover all aspects of Reggae. We have a wide selection of Dancehall, Loversrock, Roots, UK Steppers, Ska, Rocksteady and Dub in stock. Reggae sounds best on vinyl, and we have Stockholm's largest selection of Reggae Lp's, 12", 7" singles in stock.

Wasa Skivbörs | Record Store

Wasa Skivbörs

Address: Hälsingegatan 2, 113 23 Stockholm, Sweden
Most cd's and some vinyl

Skivhögen | Record Store


Address: Högbergsgatan 32A, 116 20 Stockholm, Sweden
We've been in business at the same locationsince 1985, which makes us one of the oldest Secondhand record stores in Stockholm. We deal in Vinyl (both LP and Singles),CD and DVD.We also have a nice collection of LaserDiscs.In our Books department You can find a selectionof literature focusing on Film and Music,as well as Fiction.

Little Shop of Records | Record Store

Little Shop of Records

Website: Facebook
Address: Hornsgatan 87, 117 26 Stockholm, Sweden
Founded in 2014

Triphopshop | Record Store


Website: Discogs
Address: Rörstrandsgatan 25, 113 41 Stockholm, Sweden
lots of electronic music and other world rythms

Nostalgipalatset | Record Store


Address: Sankt Eriksgatan 101, 113 31 Stockholm, Sweden
Perhaps Stockholm's biggest store for vinyl. Lot of different genres with their own corner for hard rock & punk (Trash Palace)

Hellstone Music | Record Store

Hellstone Music

Address: Götgatan 24, 118 46 Stockholm, Sweden
Mostly selling music instruments, but there are several crates of vinyl. Very overpriced records.