Kollaps Records (Record store in Stockholm, Sweden)

Kollaps Records

Stockholm, Sweden

Address: Hökens gata 4, 116 46 Stockholm, Sweden

Introduction: Kollaps Records is an alternative electronic recordstore in Stockholm, Sweden.Mostly vinyl-records and cassettes and also second-hand vinyls. A little new CD-section. We sell directly in shop and through mail-order.Main genres: Minimal Synth, EBM, Industrial, Techno, Noise, Kraut, Italo, Synth-Pop, Darkwave.Kollaps is also a concert promoter and party organizer.

Sells: Records, T-shirts, Merchandise, Coffe & Cold Drinks, Sometimes even Synthesizers

Website: kollaps.net

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Kollaps Records, Stockholm, Sweden
Kollaps Records, Stockholm, Sweden