Record Stores in Sweden

Skivbörsen | Record Store


Address: Smedjegatan 15, 722 13 Västerås, Sweden

Garageland Records | Record Store

Garageland Records

Address: 30, Västra Norrlandsgatan, 903 29 Umeå, Sweden
Also a label. Run by Lars, Hasse and Tommy.

Restyle Second Hand & Records | Record Store

Restyle Second Hand & Records

Address: Sysslomansgatan 5, 753 11 Uppsala, Sweden
New and used records. Second Hand Clothes, Video games and sometimes vintage hifi

Rainbow Music | Record Store

Rainbow Music

Website: Discogs
Address: Höstvägen 7, 169 31 Solna, Sweden
We don't put focus on a particular category of music we have a very wide selection of music styles on 33 45 78 CD.

Snickars Records | Record Store

Snickars Records

Address: Hökens gata 11, 116 46 Stockholm, Sweden
Welcome to Snickars Records!Buy,trade & sell new and old dance music on vinyl since 1995.We are a physical record shop and music event venue located in the center of Stockholm, Sweden. Started 1995 by DJ Mika Snickars and we sell records online (Discogs) since 2005.Main focus on black and dance music:Soul – Funk – Disco – Hip Hop – Techno – House - Jazz – Pop- Rock – World - Reggae etc.We add new arrivals daily to the shop and the webshop.Big amount of bargain bins in all genres, only available in physical shop.We buy records! Contact us for more info.

Musica | Record Store


Address: Västra Brogatan 30, 972 45 Luleå, Sweden
Sells vinyl.

Söders skiv & prylbörs | Record Store

Söders skiv & prylbörs

Address: Norra Kopparslagargatan 18, 803 11 Gävle, Sweden
Secondhand lp & cd

Kollaps Records | Record Store

Kollaps Records

Address: Hökens gata 4, 116 46 Stockholm, Sweden
Kollaps Records is an alternative electronic recordstore in Stockholm, Sweden.Mostly vinyl-records and cassettes and also second-hand vinyls. A little new CD-section. We sell directly in shop and through mail-order.Main genres: Minimal Synth, EBM, Industrial, Techno, Noise, Kraut, Italo, Synth-Pop, Darkwave.Kollaps is also a concert promoter and party organizer.

Film & Musik Slussen | Record Store

Film & Musik Slussen

Address: Blå bodarna, 116 45 Stockholm, Sweden
A recently closed shop that had good prices and a lot of personality.Pictures at:

Moderna Magnus | Record Store

Moderna Magnus

Address: Kindstugatan 1, 111 31 Stockholm, Sweden
Shop specialised in 20th century design, with a separate record section.

Stockholm´s Serie & Skivhandel | Record Store

Stockholm´s Serie & Skivhandel

Address: Sveavägen 104, 113 50 Stockholm, Sweden
Small shop with the classical genres such as rock, pop, soul, and so on

Vinyl Junkies Store | Record Store

Vinyl Junkies Store

Address: Centralgatan 75, 149 40 Nynäshamn, Sweden
Sells and buys used vinyls

Evolution Records | Record Store

Evolution Records

Website: Discogs
Address: Lagerbergsgatan 28, 451 31 Uddevalla, Sweden
New and used vinyls & CD's.

Vaxkupan | Record Store


Address: Drottninggatan 25, 602 24 Norrköping, Sweden
Vaxkupan was founded 1988 by Janne and Christer as a record shop in the basement of the local market hall. We opened the shop with half of our private record collections. Nothing else!Since we both loved black and white photography, we began to import postcards from Fotofolio in New York to get the masterpieces. By then you couldn´t get these cards in Sweden with the exception of the Modern Museum in Stockholm.Our collections expanded. More records. More cards. Local bands celebrated their first records with small concerts in our shop. Including This Perfect Day an unknown band in these days. Maybe a little surprise for those who went to the market hall to buy fish or vegetables...Åke Bjurhamn, a local artist, had an exhibition 1989 where he painted womens voices like Marianne Faithfull, Tracy Chapman etc. The local paper used the headline "New York? No, Norrkoeping!"...In 1993 we decided to move to the main street in town. Nervous days! Shopwindows! 155 squaremeters!In 1995 we got the agency for Fotofolio. A new activity started. Distribution in the Nordic countries of postcards, posters, t-shirts. Later also refrigerator magnets, clocks, key rings, badges etc. Mainly museums and book stores but also a lot of odd shops.Fotofolio was followed by other agencies. Now we stock 500.000 postcards. The world´s most famous photography. And a lot of very odd and interesting stuff. Our latest addition is Betty Page on video...So the shop sells music and images. CDs and postcards. Lots of used CDs, LPs and singles. The very best hammocks, handmade by Maya indians in Mexico. Quality film on video. Lots of refrigerator magnets and much, much else...The music! We are still curious of the new in independent pop, rock, blues, country, jazz etc. We have a great selection of soul music and northern soul. And a huge one on 60s and 70s. Totally 12.000 titles of CDs in stock.

Musik & Konst | Record Store

Musik & Konst

Address: Spångatan 5, 211 44 Malmö, Sweden
Small shop directed to rock, pop, blues, americana. New and used records, vinyl and cds.Previously run by the late great writer, journalist and producer Lennart Persson, the most influential person on the Swedish contemporary music scene ever.

Hot Stuff AB | Record Store

Hot Stuff AB

Address: Norra Esplanaden 5, 343 30 Älmhult, Sweden
Mail order. For visit, call first to see if it's open. Large selection of rock, metal, indie, punk, synth, soul, jazz, progressive, psych etc. on vinyl!

Mickes | Record Store


Address: Långholmsgatan 20, 117 33 Stockholm, Sweden
Also has a section on Långholmsgatan 13 that focuses more on soul, funk, hip-hop etc

Open Mind | Record Store

Open Mind

Address: S:t Larsgatan 8, 753 11 Uppsala, Sweden
Second hand and new vinyl.

House Of Oldies | Record Store

House Of Oldies

Website: Bookogs
Address: Torsgatan 63, 113 37 Stockholm, Sweden
In the cluster of record shops in Vasastan area is also this great store, selling only used vinyl, specialised in progressive & psychedelic rock (newest records are from the 80's), 50's rock'n'roll, rhytm'n'blues, country and jazz. Decent pricing, accurate grading. Tends to sell the whole stock empty regularly to keep things dynamic.

Musiclovers Records | Record Store

Musiclovers Records

Website: Discogs
Address: Kyrkogatan 13, 411 15 Göteborg, Sweden
Small recordstore with a large section of rare used vinyl records and a great small section of new releases. . Home of the recordlabels Höga Nord Rekords, Omlott and Förlag För Fri Musik

Retro | Record Store


Website: Facebook
Address: Kyrkogatan 41, 671 31 Arvika, Sweden
A small cellar thrift store with a vast selection vintage vinyls. You can also find cd's, turntables, speakers and various vintage items.

Skivlagret Hässleholm | Record Store

Skivlagret Hässleholm

Address: Tingshusgatan 10, 281 31 Hässleholm, Sweden
Sells new and used records and cds.

Rundgång | Record Store


Website: Facebook
Address: Kristianstadsgatan 14, 214 23 Malmö, Sweden
Vinyl record store at Möllevången.Lots of new and used vinyl records, indie, metal, soul, reggae, jazz, punk, techno, electro, house, rock, pop, italodisco, kraut and psych.

Lamour Record Store | Record Store

Lamour Record Store

Website: Facebook
Address: Norra Skeppsbron 3C, 803 10 Gävle, Sverige
Record store and web shop with swedish electronica & art music on vinyl, cassette & CD. The store is located inside the café, Little Art Cakery

Bromma Records | Record Store

Bromma Records

Address: Bävervägen 53, 168 30 Bromma, Sweden
Bromma Records have a qualitative range of used vinyl records. We specialized in rock, jazz and soul.We buy, trade and sell records with that extra something, but also have more mainstream items for sale.Are customers are savvy and inquisitive, but the thing all visitors have in common is the love for music.Update June 2018: This shop is selling online and open by appointment only.