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500 Greatest Albums - Rolling Stone

Bob Dylan(11), The Beatles(10), The Rolling Stones(10), Bruce Springsteen(8), The Who(7), Various(7), David Bowie(5), U2(5), Led Zeppelin(5), Radiohead(5)

Top 500 Rock Albums

The Beatles(18), Pink Floyd(16), David Bowie(15), The Rolling Stones(14), Queen(14), Led Zeppelin(10), Black Sabbath(9), The Cure(9), Iron Maiden(9), AC/DC(8)

The 200 Best Albums Of The 1960's (Pitchfork)

The Beatles(6), Bob Dylan(4), John Coltrane(4), The Beach Boys(3), The Velvet Underground(3), The Jimi Hendrix Experience(3), The Rolling Stones(3), Aretha Franklin(3), The Kinks(3), Miles Davis(3)

Top 500 Funk / Soul Albums

Prince(11), Michael Jackson(10), Curtis Mayfield(8), Funkadelic(8), Marvin Gaye(7), Stevie Wonder(6), James Brown(6), Earth, Wind & Fire(6), Chic(6), Al Green(5)

Ornette Coleman

The Shape Of Jazz To Come
Chappaqua Suite
Skies Of America

Al Green

Greatest Hits
I'm Still In Love With You
Call Me

The Jesus And Mary Chain


Jerry Lee Lewis

The Jerry Lee Lewis Anthology - All Killer No Filler!
"Live" At The Star-Club, Hamburg

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