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Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest Album Covers

The Beatles(3), The Rolling Stones(3), Led Zeppelin(3), Pink Floyd(3), David Bowie(2), Bruce Springsteen(2), U2(2), The Who(2), Bob Dylan(2), Elvis Presley(2)

Top 500 Funk / Soul Albums

Prince(11), Michael Jackson(10), Curtis Mayfield(8), Funkadelic(8), Marvin Gaye(7), Stevie Wonder(6), James Brown(6), Earth, Wind & Fire(6), Chic(6), Al Green(5)

Top 500 Jazz Albums

Miles Davis(23), John Coltrane(21), Herbie Hancock(17), Fela Kuti(8), Pharoah Sanders(8), Charles Mingus(7), Nina Simone(7), Frank Sinatra(6), Tom Waits(6), Donald Byrd(6)

Top 100 Greatest Prog-Rock albums...ever

Pink Floyd(6), Yes(5), Genesis(5), King Crimson(4), Caravan(4), Gentle Giant(4), Miles Davis(3), Van Der Graaf Generator(3), Jethro Tull(2), Soft Machine(2)

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers

Damn The Torpedoes
Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers

Wings (2)

Band On The Run


Rocket To Russia
Back Street Party !

Kate Bush

The Dreaming
Hounds Of Love
The Sensual World

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