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Top 100 Greatest Prog-Rock albums...ever

Pink Floyd(6), Yes(5), Genesis(5), King Crimson(4), Caravan(4), Gentle Giant(4), Miles Davis(3), Van Der Graaf Generator(3), Jethro Tull(2), Soft Machine(2)

Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest Album Covers

The Beatles(3), The Rolling Stones(3), Led Zeppelin(3), Pink Floyd(3), David Bowie(2), Bruce Springsteen(2), U2(2), The Who(2), Bob Dylan(2), Elvis Presley(2)

500 Greatest Albums - Rolling Stone

Bob Dylan(11), The Beatles(10), The Rolling Stones(10), Bruce Springsteen(8), The Who(7), Various(7), David Bowie(5), U2(5), Led Zeppelin(5), Radiohead(5)

Top 500 Rock Albums

The Beatles(18), Pink Floyd(16), David Bowie(15), The Rolling Stones(14), Queen(14), Led Zeppelin(10), Black Sabbath(9), The Cure(9), Iron Maiden(9), AC/DC(8)


Diamond Life
Stronger Than Pride
Love Deluxe

Meat Loaf

Bat Out Of Hell

Al Green

Greatest Hits
I'm Still In Love With You
Call Me

Harry Smith

Anthology Of American Folk Music
Anthology Of American Folk Music
Anthology Of American Folk Music Volume Two: Social Music

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