Snickars Records (Record store in Stockholm, Sweden)

Snickars Records

Stockholm, Sweden

Address: Hökens gata 11, 116 46 Stockholm, Sweden

Introduction: Welcome to Snickars Records!Buy,trade & sell new and old dance music on vinyl since 1995.We are a physical record shop and music event venue located in the center of Stockholm, Sweden. Started 1995 by DJ Mika Snickars and we sell records online (Discogs) since 2005.Main focus on black and dance music:Soul – Funk – Disco – Hip Hop – Techno – House - Jazz – Pop- Rock – World - Reggae etc.We add new arrivals daily to the shop and the webshop.Big amount of bargain bins in all genres, only available in physical shop.We buy records! Contact us for more info.

Sells: Records, T-shirts, Cartridges, Slipmats, Plastic Sleeves


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Snickars Records, Stockholm, Sweden