Record Stores in Copenhagen, Denmark

Fetured Artist

Proton Records

Address: Griffenfeldsgade 50, 2200 København, Denmark


Address: Slesvigsgade 21, 1762 København, Denmark
Heavy Metal shop with all sub-genres. Black, Death, Doom, Thrash, Speed, Power etc. Loads of underground music both new and 2nd hand on vinyl, cassette and CD.

Sex Beat Records

Address: Nørre Voldgade 6, 1358 København, Denmark

Amager Records

Website: Facebook
Address: Amagerbrogade 126, 2300 København, Denmark


Address: Reberbanegade 3, 2300 København, Denmark


Website: Facebook
Address: Dybbølsgade 14, 1705 København, Denmark
313vinyl_collective is a small second hand record shop based in Copenhagen. Focus is quality electronic music. Main stock is techno, electro and house. From Det


Address: Vesterbrogade 88, 1620 København, Denmark
2nd hand and vintage shop with 1000-1200 vinyl records at reasonable prices.

Insula Music

Address: Blågårdsgade 31, 2200 København, Denmark

Bjørns Antik

Address: Enghavevej 72, th. 1674, 1674 København, Denmark
Old second-hand/ Antique shop, which also sells CD's and Vinyl.

Vinyl - The Hangout

Website: Facebook
Address: Vesterbrogade 45, 1620 København, Denmark


Website: Facebook
Address: Stefansgade 12, 2200 København, Denmark
Cafe with some VinylUPDATE: No vinyls at the momemt! Don't know if they plan to get vinyls back in the shop again!

Stereo Studio - København

Address: Købmagergade 44, 1150 København, Denmark
The Copenhagen-based branch of the Danish Stereo Studio-chain. This particular store has a good selection of new records in most genres. There's a small selecti

Nordsø Records

Address: Nordsøvej 8, 2100 København, Denmark
- All available MoFi titles in stock. - We stock in-house pressed vinyl records which is pressed right here at Nordsø.- Big variety in well-known and indie/upco

Crate - Beer and Vinyl

Website: Facebook
Address: Jægersborggade 50, kld 2200, 2200 København, Denmark
Crate beer and vinyl sell used and new vinyls in the genres of Soul, blues, rock, hip hop, funk, jazz, punk and the genres in between.We focus on having a small

Speakers Korner Records

Website: Facebook
Address: Blågårdsgade 14, 2200 København, Denmark
Small basement wax specialist. Only labels we love and music we dig 101% anything from jazz to jungle, from dub to dubtep, funk to techno and beyond. Pop by for


Address: Gothersgade 107, 1123 København, Denmark
Live venue, cafe and recordshop - all with a focus on jazz.

Second Beat

Address: Jagtvej 129, 2200 København, Denmark


Website: Facebook
Address: Stefansgade 10, 2200 København, Denmark
Prints, Editions,Music, Books & Beyond

Danacord Butik

Address: Vognmagergade 9, 1120 København, Denmark
Specialist shop for classical music on CD and DVD

Yes we can can

Address: Tullinsgade 5, 1618 København, Denmark
Phone: +45 31 18 18 16Phone Records:+45 31 79 63 47E-mail: can@yeswecancan.comOpening hours:mon – tuesday : closedwed – fri: 12.00 – 17.30Sat: 11.00 – 14.00Sun:

Ooh Aah Records

Website: Facebook
Address: Ryesgade 77, 2100 København, Denmark
Second-hand record store opened on August 30, 2014. LPs and 45s in all genres.Please note the store is closed between 18:00-20:00 on Thursdays.

Route66 - København

Website: Facebook
Address: Fælledvej 3, 2200 København N, Denmark
The Copenhagen-based branch of Route66 is set in a small room filled with a varied selection of new records sorted by genre as well as an "on sale"-section. The

Paname City Records

Address: Søllerødgade 46, 2200 København, Denmark
Opened 2018. Rarities, world, weirdness all genres.


Address: Ryesgade 103A, 2100 København, Denmark
Flea market with some second hand records

Heimdalsgade 22

Website: Facebook
Address: Heimdalsgade 22, 2200 København, Denmark
A recordshop that serves coffee and panini. Focus is all around. Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, Rock, alternative, Electronic, Dub, House, soundtrack, library etc.