Nordsø Records (Record store in Copenhagen, Denmark)

Nordsø Records

Copenhagen, Denmark
Specializes in Pop, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Classical, Folk, World, & Country, Funk / Soul.

Address: Nordsøvej 8, 2100 København, Denmark

Introduction: - All available MoFi titles in stock. - We stock in-house pressed vinyl records which is pressed right here at Nordsø.- Big variety in well-known and indie/upcoming artists. Discogs link to Nordsø Records here.

Sells: Records, Record players (Rega, Mobile Fidelity, Project), Speakers (Harbeth, System Audio), Catrigdes (Van den Hul, Ortofon), Headphones (Grado), Amplifier (Manley, Roksan)


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Nordsø Records, Copenhagen, Denmark