Record Stores in Copenhagen, Denmark

313vinyl_collective | Record Store


Website: Facebook
Address: Dybbølsgade 14, 1705 København, Denmark
313vinyl_collective is a small second hand record shop based in Copenhagen. Focus is quality electronic music. Main stock is techno, electro and house. From Detroit to Chicago to Berlin and beyond. I also stock drum n bass, jungle, italo-disco, new wave, synth wave, IDM, EBM and industrial. I am always interested in used vinyl. If you consider selling your collection or part of it, I am curious about having a look at what you have to offer. I both buy and do commission. If you want to know more or maybe discuss the possibility of doing business with me, dont hesitate to drop me a line or give me a ring. My aim is fair deals and good prices for all involved.Morten/313vinyl_collective

Accord - Nørrebrogade | Record Store

Accord - Nørrebrogade

Address: Nørrebrogade 90, 2200 København N, Denmark
Nørrebro-located branch of a small chain of second hand stores. Sells used CDs and records as well as movies and books.

Percy Records | Record Store

Percy Records

Website: Facebook
Address: Heimdalsgade 6, 2200 København, Denmark
Record store in Copenhagen dedicated to electronic music in all physical formats.

Palmspree | Record Store


Website: Facebook
Address: Stefansgade 10, 2200 København, Denmark
Prints, Editions,Music, Books & Beyond

So Last Year | Record Store

So Last Year

Website: Facebook
Address: Enghavevej 58, 1674 København V, Denmark
A nice little café shop with delicious coffee, tasty Persian tea, Iranian specialties, gift items, jewelry, second hand and re-designs.(Only a small amount of vinyls!)

Mephisto | Record Store


Address: Slesvigsgade 21, 1762 København, Denmark
Heavy Metal shop with all sub-genres. Black, Death, Doom, Thrash, Speed, Power etc. Loads of underground music both new and 2nd hand on vinyl, cassette and CD. Horror movies, comics, literature and accessories.A small selection of obscurities, skulls etc.Varying opening hours, but at least always Friday + Saturday - see Facebook for updates.

Trianglen Antikvariat | Record Store

Trianglen Antikvariat

Address: Østerbrogade 72, 2100 København Ø, Denmark
A wide selection within most genres on vinyl, CD or DVD. Jens Humper, the owner, will do all he can plus a bit more to help you out. A very cozy and friendly place.

Luna-Loppen | Record Store


Address: Ryesgade 103A, 2100 København, Denmark
Flea market with some second hand records

Insula Music | Record Store

Insula Music

Address: Blågårdsgade 31, 2200 København, Denmark

Second Beat | Record Store

Second Beat

Address: Jagtvej 129, 2200 København, Denmark

Vinyl - The Hangout | Record Store

Vinyl - The Hangout

Website: Facebook
Address: Vesterbrogade 45, 1620 København, Denmark

Stereo Studio - København | Record Store

Stereo Studio - København

Address: Købmagergade 44, 1150 København, Denmark
The Copenhagen-based branch of the Danish Stereo Studio-chain. This particular store has a good selection of new records in most genres. There's a small selection of unused records at a discounted price as well.The branch closed in August 2014

Soul:Copenhagen Vintage & Vinyl | Record Store

Soul:Copenhagen Vintage & Vinyl

Address: Amagerbrogade 14, 2300 København, Denmark
Vintage store with 2nd hand vinyl as well.

LopGun | Record Store


Address: Vesterbrogade 88, 1620 København, Denmark
2nd hand and vintage shop with 1000-1200 vinyl records at reasonable prices.

GoodLife | Record Store


Website: Facebook
Address: Stefansgade 12, 2200 København, Denmark
Cafe with some VinylUPDATE: No vinyls at the momemt! Don't know if they plan to get vinyls back in the shop again!

Æter | Record Store


Website: Facebook
Address: Jægersborggade 50, 2200 København N, Denmark
Small record store dealing in varied selection of experimental indie music as well as more mainstream records. Sells both new and used.

Rock Uglen | Record Store

Rock Uglen

Website: Facebook
Address: Frederiksborggade 40, 1360 København K, Denmark
A small record store with a large selection of mainly rock, hard rock, punk and metal. They deal in both new and used and sell cds as well.

Sort Kaffe & Vinyl | Record Store

Sort Kaffe & Vinyl

Website: Facebook
Address: Skydebanegade 4, 1709 København V, Denmark
Combination of record store and coffee bar

FONA - Strøget | Record Store

FONA - Strøget

Address: Østergade 47, 1100 København K, Denmark
New records

Proton Records | Record Store

Proton Records

Address: Griffenfeldsgade 50, 2200 København, Denmark
Proton Records - A record store and fixpoint for much more.Proton Records is a physical store located in inner Nørrebro - Copenhagen, with a wide selection of records - both new and secondhand. The function of Proton Records extends only selling records - It’s also housing the Proton Agency office, facilitating small events, and is a co-space for creatives within the local emerging music scene.The assortment of the record shop reflects the adventurous style of Proton events and agency, where genres are blurred, but minds are open. Keywords of the assortment: Electronic, experimental, ambient, Techno, Asia, Africa, US, Europe, house, disco, footwork, trance, afrobeat, jazz, dub, krautrock, meditation, deconstruction.

Onkel Jan | Record Store

Onkel Jan

Website: Facebook
Address: Søllerødgade 22, 2200 København N, Denmark