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Sound Club Store - Record Store Image
Sound Club Store
Sell: Records
Country: Portugal
Address: Espaço Chiado, 1st floor, Shop 24 / 2nd floor, Shop 42 1200-273 Lisboa, Portugal Maps
Intro: entrances through Rua da Misericórdia, 14 or Rua Nova da Trindade, 5
ibope - Record Store Image
Sell: Records
Country: Portugal
Address: Lisboa, Portugal Maps
Intro: Second Hand Records.
Radical Records - Record Store Image
Radical Records
Sell: Records
Country: Portugal
Address: Lisbon, Portugal Maps
Intro: Great selection of new and used vinyl from all types of music and eras.
BUNKER STORE - Record Store Image
Sell: Records, We also sell TAPES and merchandise (t-shirts, patches and memorabilia)
Country: Portugal
Address: Centro Comercial Invictos (Loja 12) - Rua Passos Manuel, 219 - 4000-385 Porto - Portugal, Portugal Maps
Intro: We are a store specialized in Hard Rock and Heavy Metal (in all it's genres NWOBHM, Black, Death, Thrash, Speed, Doom, Sludge, Experimental, you name it...). We also get some industrial, gothic, independent, influential records, OST's that worth listening to. We sell mainly used records (in VG, NM or M conditions), but also some new ones.
Matéria Prima - Record Store Image
Matéria Prima
Sell: Records, Magazines, Books, Publications
Country: Portugal
Address: Rua Miguel Bombarda 127, Portugal Maps
Intro: Small labels, experimental sounds, electronic deviations music store.
PIRANHA Record Store - Record Store Image
PIRANHA Record Store
Sell: Records
Country: Portugal
Address: C.Comercial Itália, Loja 73 - 1º 4050-012 PORTO - PORTUGAL, Portugal Maps
Intro: The oldest music store specializing in new items and second-hand vinyl, tapes, cd, dvd, bluray, magazines, fanzines, merchandise, rare and limited editions. Metal, Gothic, Punk, Industrial, Electronic, Post-Punk, Rock, Pop... Personalized, professional service since 1995. 20 years in the service of music and our customers.
Carpet & Snares - Record Store Image
Carpet & Snares
Sell: Records, Record Bags, Turntable needles.
Country: Portugal
Address: Rua da Misericordia 12-20, Piso S/L 1200-273 Lisboa Portugal, Portugal Maps
Intro: Carpet & Snares Records is a label and record store, created by three like-minded friends and music lovers based in Lisbon. It is the result of a collective vision of house and techno, and a desire to develop and express that vision, providing fans, artists and DJs with a physical space and an editorial platform. We aim to share the music we love and care for the music-makers.
8mm Records - Record Store Image
8mm Records
Sell: Records, cds, books and dvds.
Country: Portugal
Address: Rua do Barao de Sao Cosme 234, Porto 4000 - 501 Portugal, Portugal Maps
Intro: Thousands of new and used LPs. Specialized in Experimental, Jazz, African, Underground, Rock.
La Bamba Bazar Store - Record Store Image
La Bamba Bazar Store
Sell: Records, Music Merchandise, Turntables, Design pieces, Toys, Comics, Books, Souvenirs, Clothes. Please loo
Country: Portugal
Address: Rua Manuel da Ponte, 23, 9500-085 Ponta Delgada, Portugal, Portugal Maps
Intro: The westernmost record shop of Europe. Great selection of new music and reissues (strong on afro/tropical sounds). Almost strictly vinyl, altough I think there's a couple of cd's and tapes.
Discos do baú - Record Store Image
Discos do baú
Sell: Records, Cds
Country: Portugal
Address: Rua da Maternidade, 149 4050-369 Porto, Portugal Maps
Intro: Loja de discos em segunda mão.
FLUR - Record Store Image
Sell: Records, Headphones
Country: Portugal
Address: Avenida Infante D. Henrique, Armazém B, loja 4, Cais da Pedra, Santa Apolónia, 1900-264 Lisboa, Port Maps
Intro: Store covers all genres, but is specialised on electronica, avant-garde and experimental music. CDs and vinyl, mainly new.
Carbono - Record Store Image
Sell: Records, New and Second HAND Cds, Vinyls, T.Shirts, Dvds......
Country: Portugal
Address: Rua do Telhal, 6B Lisbon Portugal, Portugal Maps
Intro: Large store selling all kinds of CDs and Vinyls covering all genres. Widely known since the 90's for being able to import less known/alternative genres of both Metal and Electronic music. check out SHOP on DISCOGS -- cabonoencomenda We add new and second hand records for sale almost every day!
Louie Louie - Record Store Image
Louie Louie
Sell: Records, CDs, DVDs
Country: Portugal
Address: Escadinhas do Sto. Espírito da Pedreira, 3 1200-290 LISBOA, Portugal Maps
Intro: Originally a shop on Porto (the capital city of the North of Portugal), LOUIE LOUIE opened a branch in Lisbon (managed by Jorge Dias, one of the pioneers of the used records business in Lisbon), which is nowadays one of the most popular record stores in the city. Right in the middle of downtown Lisbon, LOUIE LOUIE has a bit of everything for all tastes: CD and vinyl (and also DVDs), used and new, all genres. The new premises (open since June 2013) include a small coffee shop, which only enhance
Twice.Discos - Record Store Image
Sell: Records
Country: Portugal
Address: Rua Cecílio de Sousa nº 76 R/c Lisboa, Portugal Maps
Intro: vinyl records new and used. Rare and unusual Cd’s and K7. we're now searching for a new place hope to see you soon!
Tabato Records - Record Store Image
Tabato Records
Sell: Records, Cassettes, Cds and vintage clothes
Country: Portugal
Address: Rua Andrade, 8a 1350 lisbon, Portugal Maps
Intro: Tabatô Records shop has a fairly wide selection of used vinyl spanning all genres from World music to Hip Hop including Brazilian, Jazz, Prog and classic Rock as well as Soul, Funk and Disco and a specialised section of Reggae and Afro with a wide selection of Cabo Verde, Angola and other Lusafrican countries. Take heed: there's a lot of rarities to be found! If you're looking for a spot in Lisbon to chill out, have a drink and browse through some quality vinyl, TABATÔ RECORDS is the place
Nexxus1000 Records - Record Store Image
Nexxus1000 Records
Sell: Records
Country: Portugal
Address: Rua Angola,505 3700-036 S.J.Madeira Portugal, Portugal Maps
Intro: A record store
Groovie Records - Record Store Image
Groovie Records
Sell: Records, t-shirts and clothes
Country: Portugal
Address: Rua de São Paulo, 252 - Lisbon - Portugal, Portugal Maps
Intro: Groovie Records is a portuguese label that has been releasing vinyl since 2005. Bands like THE THUNDERBEATS, LOS EXPLOSIVOS, HAXIXINS, THE GRUESOMES, CRIMSON SHADOWS, THE ROUTES, AUTORAMAS, THE FUTURE PRIMITIVES, HIGHSPEED V, LOS TONES, ACT-UPS, among others, are in its extense catalogue. Now Groovie opens its doors in Lisbon! For two years the studio / work warehouse works in Rua de São Paulo, 252. Finally we opened our space to the public, for some days of the week, where you can not only find
Quebra Orelha - Record Store Image
Quebra Orelha
Sell: Records, Books, Comics, Merchandising
Country: Portugal
Address: Rua do Quebra Costas, 8 3000-340 Coimbra, Portugal, Portugal Maps
Intro: New and used vinyl, cd's, dvd's, k7's, ...)
Top vintage design - Record Store Image
Top vintage design
Sell: Records, Hi-fi, turntables, books, photo cameras, lens, film cameras, film projectors
Country: Portugal
Address: Rua Aníbal Cunha, nº 69 Porto - Portugal, Portugal Maps
Intro: Design, vintage hi-fi and used vinyl records
X & Records - Record Store Image
X & Records
Sell: Records, DVD, Games, Books, Comics, Scale Plastic Models
Country: Portugal
Address: Rua Gustavo Ferreira Pinto Basto, 35 3810-119 Aveiro PORTUGAL, Portugal Maps
Intro: This shop intends to provide a quality service to a growing number of vinyl collectores. We sell brand new and factory sealed vinyl and used too. We also sell CD's and musical DVD's. We're located at Aveiro, Portugal. Be one of our 100% satisfied customers. Once you go X & Records, you'll never go back.
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