Record Stores in Portugal

FLUR | Record Store


Address: R. Ângela Pinto 40D, 1900-221 Lisboa, Portugal
Store covers all genres, but is specialised on electronica, avant-garde and experimental music. Vinyl, CDs and tapes, mainly new. Home of the record label Holuzam.

La Bamba Bazar Store | Record Store

La Bamba Bazar Store

Website: Facebook
Address: R. Manuel da Ponte, 9500 Ponta Delgada, Portugal
The westernmost record shop of Europe. Great selection of new music and reissues (strong on afro/tropical sounds). Almost strictly vinyl, altough I think there's a couple of cd's and tapes.

Top vintage design | Record Store

Top vintage design

Address: R. de Aníbal Cunha 64, 4050-046 Porto, Portugal
Design, vintage hi-fi and used vinyl records

Discoteca Lisboa | Record Store

Discoteca Lisboa

Website: Facebook
Address: R. dos Fanqueiros 166, 1100-204 Lisboa, Portugal
New CD & DVD, also second hand vinyl shop.

Agulha | Record Store


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Address: R. Maj. Reis Gomes 2, 9000-038 Funchal, Portugal
Agulha é o primeiro "Corner Shop" no Funchal, dedicado aos amantes de música em vinil.Situada na Kickflip Store, vendemos vinil novo e em segunda mão, de pequenas e grandes editoras espalhadas pelo Mundo.Andas à procura de um vinil e não encontras? Entra em contacto connosco, prometemos que vamos tentar encontrar!Faz a tua encomenda na loja ou através do e-mail

Loja CNM - Companhia Nacional de Música | Record Store

Loja CNM - Companhia Nacional de Música

Address: R. Nova do Almada 62, 1100-043 Lisboa, Portugal
The CNM Store is located in the Chiado district, in the heart of Lisbon, and is the oldest music store in the country. It is a meeting place for music lovers, musicians and intellectuals, and also a daily visit spot for tourists who seek the authenticity of Portuguese culture. Its architecture is distinguished by nineteenth-century stone structure, for the wide windows and door where natural light "invades" the space of its two floors, making it extremely pleasant and welcoming.

X & Records | Record Store

X & Records

Website: Discogs
Address: R. Gustavo Ferreira Pinto Basto 35, 3810-009 Aveiro, Portugal
This shop intends to provide a quality service to a growing number of vinyl collectores. We sell brand new and factory sealed vinyl and used too. We also sell CD's and musical DVD's.We're located at Aveiro, Portugal.Be one of our 100% satisfied customers.Once you go X & Records, you'll never go back.

Vinyl Gourmet | Record Store

Vinyl Gourmet

Address: 2685 Prior Velho, Portugal
The Vinyl Gourmet project was born out of the passion for vinyl records, music and high quality audiophile audio. Our mission is to provide a true Gourmet experience and to bring you only the very best music and vinyl releases, carefully selected based on years of continuous research and vinyl records collecting.

Distopia | Record Store


Address: R. de São Bento 394, 1200-801 Lisboa, Portugal
Distopia is a small record and book store situated in central Lisbon.

Sound Club Store | Record Store

Sound Club Store

Website: Facebook
Address: 1200-273 Lisbon, Portugal
entrances through Rua da Misericórdia, 14 or Rua Nova da Trindade, 5

Twice.Discos | Record Store


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Address: Tv. de Santo António 1, 2655-255 Ericeira, Portugal
vinyl records new and used. Rare and unusual Cd’s and K7. we're now searching for a new place hope to see you soon!

Golden Pavilion Music | Record Store

Golden Pavilion Music

Address: R. José Carvalho Araújo 225, 2750-642 Cascais, Portugal
The only place in Cascais to get your dose of vinyl records! We have thousands of New and used vinyl records & CD's. 60's/70's Psych-rock/Prog, Post-rock / Stoner/ Metal, Experimental /Jazz, Free-Jazz, World Music, African & Brazilian, Folk, Acid-folk, Grooves, Funk-Soul-Disco etc..We are primarily a label but we also sell used records and new releases. Visits only by appointment please!

Tabato Records | Record Store

Tabato Records

Website: Discogs
Address: R. Andrade 8A, 1170-015 Lisboa, Portugal
Tabatô Records shop has a fairly wide selection of used vinyl spanning all genres from World music to Hip Hop including Brazilian, Jazz, Prog and classic Rock as well as Soul, Funk and Disco and a specialised section of Reggae and Afro with a wide selection of Cabo Verde, Angola and other Lusafrican countries. Take heed: there's a lot of rarities to be found!If you're looking for a spot in Lisbon to chill out, have a drink and browse through some quality vinyl, TABATÔ RECORDS is the place

velvetrecord | Record Store


Address: Estação do Oriente, Av. Dom João II, 1900-233 Lisboa, Portugal
New and Second hand record shop Open since September 2019 but belongs to jukebox group , record shop since 1991.Specialist In Original Pressing, hundreds of thousands of original singles with unique sleeves made in Portugal.Main areas are Rock, Pop,Metal,Punk,Reggae,jazz,soul,funk and Fado. Everything from 1950's Rock ‘n’ Roll, through to 1960's and 1970's to nowadays, Rock/Pop, metal to New Wave,indie to jazz, Portuguese traditional music fado or obscure kinds of music and between.VELVETRECORD WANTS YOUR VINYL & CDsCash available immediately and offer the highest trade credit.

Carpet & Snares | Record Store

Carpet & Snares

Website: Facebook
Address: 1200-273 Lisbon, Portugal
Carpet & Snares Records is a label and record store, created by three like-minded friends and music lovers based in Lisbon. It is the result of a collective vision of house and techno, and a desire to develop and express that vision, providing fans, artists and DJs with a physical space and an editorial platform. We aim to share the music we love and care for the music-makers.

PIRANHA Record Store | Record Store

PIRANHA Record Store

Address: 4050-012 Porto, Portugal
The oldest music store specializing in new items and second-hand vinyl, tapes, cd, dvd, bluray, magazines, fanzines, merchandise, rare and limited editions.Metal, Gothic, Punk, Industrial, Electronic, Post-Punk, Rock, Pop...Personalized, professional service since 1995.20 years in the service of music and our customers.



Address: R. da Misericórdia 14, 1200-445 Lisboa, Portugal
Two levels up in the mall, on the 1st floor you can find the shop nº 35PEEKABOO RECORDSLocated in the heart of Lisbon city centre, Peekaboo is a small shop owned by Trol2000 - a local DJ and also an exceptionally friendly guy who’s ready to help you with new musical discoveries.The shop specialises in high-quality, rare and used vinyl, with a particular focus on disco, boogie, new wave, soul and world music. You can also pick up DJ accessories such as record bags and needles.This is the place to go to satisfy your dusty fingers.

BUNKER STORE | Record Store


Website: Facebook
Address: Centro Comercial Invictos Rua Passos Manuel, nº 219 1º Piso, Lojas 6 e 13, 4000-385 Porto, Portugal
We are a store specialized in Hard Rock and Heavy Metal (in all it's genres NWOBHM, Black, Death, Thrash, Speed, Doom, Sludge, Experimental, you name it...). We also get some industrial, gothic, independent, influential records, world music, classical and OST's that worth listening to. We sell mainly used records (in VG, NM or M conditions), but also some new ones.

Galáxia Discos | Record Store

Galáxia Discos

Website: Facebook
Address: R. da Bandeira, 4900 Viana do Castelo, Portugal
Music store in Viana do Castelo

collect records | Record Store

collect records

Website: Facebook
Address: R. Nova do Carvalho, 1200-372 Lisboa, Portugal
Record shop specialized in 2nd hand House, Techno, Electro, Abstract, IDM. Address: Rua Nova do Carvalho N.60, 1st floor (Cais do Sodré - Lisbon) Portugal.

Porto Calling | Record Store

Porto Calling

Address: Rua da Conceição 80 2, 4050-213 Porto, Portugal
One of the best vinyl record stores in Oporto.

Louie Louie | Record Store

Louie Louie

Address: Escadinhas do Santo Espírito da Pedreira, 1100-548 Lisbon, Portugal
Originally a shop on Porto (the capital city of the North of Portugal), LOUIE LOUIE opened a branch in Lisbon (managed by Jorge Dias, one of the pioneers of the used records business in Lisbon), which is nowadays one of the most popular record stores in the city.Right in the middle of downtown Lisbon, LOUIE LOUIE has a bit of everything for all tastes: CD and vinyl (and also DVDs), used and new, all genres. The new premises (open since June 2013) include a small coffee shop, which only enhances the welcoming feel and the friendly atmosphere of a great place to listen to and buy your favourite music.

Discolecção | Record Store


Address: Calçada do Duque 53, 1200-156 Lisboa, Portugal

Glam-O-Rama | Record Store


Address: R. Viriato 12, 1050-227 Lisboa, Portugal

Amor Records | Record Store

Amor Records

Address: R. Frei Francisco Foreiro 2A, 1150-021 Lisboa, Portugal