Record Stores in Portugal

PeekaBoo | Record Store


Address: Rua da Misericordia, 14, piso 1, loja 35 (espaço Chiado), 1200-273 Lisboa, Portugal
Peekaboo is owned by Trol2000, a local DJ - and exceptionally friendly guy - who’s always ready to help you with new musical discoveries. Trol's taste is reflected on the shop's selection: disco, boogie, new wave, soul and world music are its main flavors, in new and used vinyl (all high quality), and rarities abound.

Tubitek CDV | Record Store

Tubitek CDV

Address: Praça de Dom João I, 4000-295 Porto, Portugal
Tubitek is a record store in the heart of Porto. It was created in the beginning of the 80’s, stayed in business for 2 decades and became a reference in the record market. It reopened in July 2014 aiming at preserving that reference status and presenting the city with a privileged record store, focusing specially in vinyl records. Our stock consists in a variety of titles, with selected sections of alternative music, jazz, world music, soul, metal and pop/rock. We sell only new vinyl with audiophile quality.

Neat Records | Record Store

Neat Records

Address: R. Rebelo da Silva 55B, 1000-253 Lisboa, Portugal
"Punk's not dead", we've heard oh so many times before.Well, one thing is certain: at NEAT RECORDS, punk is alive and well, and kept in good company with all other genres which are also available, in all formats and all prices!Neat Records was founded by a couple of longtime friends: Rafael (which you might know from his previous shop, Megastore, and his label Monolith Records) and Eduardo (from label Can I Say Records).The shop has a big emphasis on punk (if you hadn't noticed already) and other heavy genres, but it has a bit of everything, both on vinyl and CD, used and new. You'll find cheapos, promotions, and most of all, a great and varied catalogue waiting for your visit!A central location (it's in the Arroios neighborhood) and two friendly hosts add up to the attraction of checking out this very nice record shop. In short, it's NEAT NEAT NEAT!

Carbono | Record Store


Address: R. Telhal 6B, 1150-323 Lisboa, Portugal
check out SHOP on DISCOGS -- cabonoencomenda We add new and second hand records for sale almost every day!

Bones Records & Radio | Record Store

Bones Records & Radio

Address: R. Rodrigues de Faria, 1300 Lisboa, Portugal
Bones is a Record Boutique and Radio that offers a cozy space with a living room feeling and is powered by a superb Hi-Fi sound system composed of Klipsch, Mcintosh, Rega, Alpha Recording Systems, Nea Inside Music & Pro-Ject gears. This is meant to provide the customers with a unique listening experience while buying records or just enjoy its living room environment. The boutique carries on average about 800 records which are selected by its host Godi Osegueda. They are a mix of various of genres of music from Brazil, Africa, the US and around the world, such as Funk, Soul, Classic & Modern Jazz as, and Chicago & Detroit oriented House music. With its Radio division, regularly Djs may be found there broadcasting shows and giving a musical ambience.In your time at the store, customers may enjoy variety of coffee, beer, and sparkling water, all to make a joyful moment of hifi listening experience…

Mau Génio | Record Store

Mau Génio

Address: Estr. de Benfica 731A, 1500-109 Lisboa, Portugal
Used CDs, vinyl, DVDs, BluRays and books, all genres.

Coco Discos | Record Store

Coco Discos

Address: R. Possidónio da Silva, 1350 Lisboa, Portugal
by appointment

Embaixada do Porto | Record Store

Embaixada do Porto

Address: Praça de Carlos Alberto 121, 4050-190 Porto, Portugal
Embaixada do Porto is a vintage and analogue oriented shop, dedicated both to music and photography. You can browse through turntables, record players, and both second-hand or brand new vinyl records, as well as all the accessories.Upstairs you can find a cozy bar where you can enjoy drinks and a cool vinyl DJ session.

Clube 33 | Record Store

Clube 33

Address: R. Poiais de São Bento 33, 1200-343 Lisboa, Portugal
House of Independent Labels and Guitar RiffsSão Bento, Lisboa

Vinil Experience | Record Store

Vinil Experience

Address: 1200-241 Lisbon, Portugal

Agulha | Record Store


Website: Facebook
Address: R. Maj. Reis Gomes 2, 9000-038 Funchal, Portugal
Agulha é o primeiro "Corner Shop" no Funchal, dedicado aos amantes de música em vinil.Situada na Kickflip Store, vendemos vinil novo e em segunda mão, de pequenas e grandes editoras espalhadas pelo Mundo.Andas à procura de um vinil e não encontras? Entra em contacto connosco, prometemos que vamos tentar encontrar!Faz a tua encomenda na loja ou através do e-mail

Golden Pavilion Music | Record Store

Golden Pavilion Music

Address: R. José Carvalho Araújo 225, 2750-642 Cascais, Portugal
The only place in Cascais to get your dose of vinyl records! We have thousands of New and used vinyl records & CD's. 60's/70's Psych-rock/Prog, Post-rock / Stoner/ Metal, Experimental /Jazz, Free-Jazz, World Music, African & Brazilian, Folk, Acid-folk, Grooves, Funk-Soul-Disco etc..We are primarily a label but we also sell used records and new releases. Visits only by appointment please!

Distopia | Record Store


Address: R. de São Bento 394, 1200-801 Lisboa, Portugal
Distopia is a small record and book store situated in central Lisbon.

Sound Club Store | Record Store

Sound Club Store

Website: Facebook
Address: 1200-273 Lisbon, Portugal
entrances through Rua da Misericórdia, 14 or Rua Nova da Trindade, 5

Drogaria Central Loja de Discos | Record Store

Drogaria Central Loja de Discos

Address: R. Cap. Leitão 14B, 2800-135 Almada, Portugal
"Uma das lojas mais antigas de Almada outrora farmácia e drogaria, tem agora as prateleiras originais repletas de uma variada colecção de vinis, quadros e fanzines.O número 14 da Rua Capitão Leitão em Almada foi, na primeira década do Século XX, a Farmácia Central, para depois funcionar ininterruptamente, durante 86 anos, como Drogaria Central (1926-2012).Em 2018 Drogaria Central reabriu acrescentando ao nome loja de discos.A Drograria Central é um projecto há muito sonhado por Cristina Morais e Sérgio Milhano, os dois responsáveis pela PontoZurca - Estúdio de Gravação, Produtora e Editora Discográfica que faz também Direcção Técnica de espectáculos de Música, Dança e Teatro.A recuperação do espaço, quis mantê-lo fiel às suas origens. Prateleiras da Drogaria Central Loja de Discos, hoje cobertas de discos, guardam ainda a memória da Farmácia e da Drogaria que lhe empresta o nome. No balcão original, de um mármore rosado, LP's e Singles de vinil, Cds e Livros misturam-se com frascos originais da Farmácia.Quais caçadores de tesouros Cristina e Sérgio buscam os mais raros discos, novos e usados, para os apresentarem na sua loja. Cada compra e venda é feita com um carácter pessoal que marca profundamente quem entra na loja. Quando nos mostram um disco sabem perfeitamente quem lhos vendeu e muitas vezes as histórias por de trás desse objecto. Assinaturas, dedicatórias e outros códigos impressos são acarinhados e tidos como factores distintivos e valorativos.Quando forem à Drogaria Central perguntem pelo código numérico que desvendado era uma declaração de amor, guardado num single de Miriam Makeba - Pata Pata."texto de Margarida Mata in Revista FOmE

Carpet & Snares | Record Store

Carpet & Snares

Website: Facebook
Address: 1200-273 Lisbon, Portugal
Carpet & Snares Records is a label and record store, created by three like-minded friends and music lovers based in Lisbon. It is the result of a collective vision of house and techno, and a desire to develop and express that vision, providing fans, artists and DJs with a physical space and an editorial platform. We aim to share the music we love and care for the music-makers.

velvetrecord | Record Store


Address: Estação do Oriente, Av. Dom João II, 1900-233 Lisboa, Portugal
New and Second hand record shop Open since September 2019 but belongs to jukebox group , record shop since 1991.Specialist In Original Pressing, hundreds of thousands of original singles with unique sleeves made in Portugal.Main areas are Rock, Pop,Metal,Punk,Reggae,jazz,soul,funk and Fado. Everything from 1950's Rock ‘n’ Roll, through to 1960's and 1970's to nowadays, Rock/Pop, metal to New Wave,indie to jazz, Portuguese traditional music fado or obscure kinds of music and between.VELVETRECORD WANTS YOUR VINYL & CDsCash available immediately and offer the highest trade credit.

Lunar Caustic | Record Store

Lunar Caustic

Website: Discogs
Address: Lisbon, Portugal

FLUR | Record Store


Address: R. Ângela Pinto 40D, 1900-221 Lisboa, Portugal
Store covers all genres, but is specialised on electronica, avant-garde and experimental music. Vinyl, CDs and tapes, mainly new. Home of the record label Holuzam.

Loja CNM - Companhia Nacional de Música | Record Store

Loja CNM - Companhia Nacional de Música

Address: R. Nova do Almada 62, 1100-043 Lisboa, Portugal
The CNM Store is located in the Chiado district, in the heart of Lisbon, and is the oldest music store in the country. It is a meeting place for music lovers, musicians and intellectuals, and also a daily visit spot for tourists who seek the authenticity of Portuguese culture. Its architecture is distinguished by nineteenth-century stone structure, for the wide windows and door where natural light "invades" the space of its two floors, making it extremely pleasant and welcoming.

Quebra Orelha | Record Store

Quebra Orelha

Website: Facebook
Address: Rua Quebra Costas 8, 3000-422 Coimbra, Portugal
New and used vinyl, cd's, dvd's, k7's, ...)



Address: R. da Misericórdia 14, 1200-445 Lisboa, Portugal
Two levels up in the mall, on the 1st floor you can find the shop nº 35PEEKABOO RECORDSLocated in the heart of Lisbon city centre, Peekaboo is a small shop owned by Trol2000 - a local DJ and also an exceptionally friendly guy who’s ready to help you with new musical discoveries.The shop specialises in high-quality, rare and used vinyl, with a particular focus on disco, boogie, new wave, soul and world music. You can also pick up DJ accessories such as record bags and needles.This is the place to go to satisfy your dusty fingers.

Twice.Discos | Record Store


Website: Facebook
Address: Tv. de Santo António 1, 2655-255 Ericeira, Portugal
vinyl records new and used. Rare and unusual Cd’s and K7. we're now searching for a new place hope to see you soon!

R.A. | Record Store


Address: Av. Alm. Reis 117, 1150-014 Lisboa, Portugal
online shop; personal deliveries @ Avenida Almirante Reis 117Requests to:

DoVigário Pub and Records | Record Store

DoVigário Pub and Records

Address: R. do Vigário 74, 1100-405 Lisboa, Portugal
Record Store, Tapas, Craft Beer and Wine. All in one!We have a nice selection of new and used vinyl. Store is located in the historical neighbourhood of Alfama.