Tabato Records (Record store in Lisbon, Portugal)

Tabato Records

Lisbon, Portugal

Address: R. Andrade 8A, 1170-015 Lisboa, Portugal

Introduction: Tabatô Records shop has a fairly wide selection of used vinyl spanning all genres from World music to Hip Hop including Brazilian, Jazz, Prog and classic Rock as well as Soul, Funk and Disco and a specialised section of Reggae and Afro with a wide selection of Cabo Verde, Angola and other Lusafrican countries. Take heed: there's a lot of rarities to be found!If you're looking for a spot in Lisbon to chill out, have a drink and browse through some quality vinyl, TABATÔ RECORDS is the place

Sells: Records, Cassettes, Cds and vintage clothes

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Tabato Records, Lisbon, Portugal
Tabato Records, Lisbon, Portugal