Groovie Records (Record store in Lisbon, Portugal)

Groovie Records

Lisbon, Portugal

Address: R. Angelina Vidal 80A, 1170-017 Lisboa, Portugal

Introduction: Groovie Records started in 2005 as a label, reissuing lost pearls of garage/fuzz/psych rock as well as releasing new albums from local and international acts.In 2014, Groovie opens its warehouse doors near Cais do Sodré to the general public, for the delight of raw and crude rock fans.In 2019, Groovie relocates to the Anjos neighborhood, in a new chapter of this great record collector's haven!Edgar Raposo, label co-manager and Jack-of-all-trades behind the operation will be your host. Vinyl is the prime merchandise here: you'll find Groovie's own releases (as well as the releases from their sister label Monotone Records), new records from other likeminded labels and a lot of carefully selected used vinyl. Garage rock isn't the only dish on the table: there's prog, post-rock and a special emphasis on Brazilian records - fans of psych, tropicalia and other good stuff from that part of the globe, take heed!Prices are fair and there's always a great surprise waiting to be found inside the bargain boxes near the entrance.Groovie Records also has an online store on their website, where you can purchase their releases, but make sure you take the time to visit their shop - you'll certainly have a GROOVIE time!

Sells: Records, t-shirts and clothes


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Groovie Records, Lisbon, Portugal
Groovie Records, Lisbon, Portugal