Record Stores in Argentina

Amadeus Rock | Record Store

Amadeus Rock

Address: Córdoba 1369, S2000 Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina
Business related to the sale of rock-themed items (mainly): cd's, vinyl, T-shirts, backpacks, posters and merchandising in gral. In addition to the sale of tickets for different concerts in the city of Rosario.

Paraphernalia Jazz | Record Store

Paraphernalia Jazz

Address: Rioja 1070, S2000 AYN, Santa Fe, Argentina
He opened the only record store specialized in Jazz in Rosario, an ideal space to be closely linked with this genre and its closest styles. Generating a warm atmosphere and with design details, you will find discs that you can't get anywhere else ... and more. With personalized and specialized attention they make this initiative a different concept in record stores.You can find material from local groups in different formats, this record store also has a small label

Eureka Records | Record Store

Eureka Records

Address: C1143AAA, Defensa 1281, C1143AAA CABA, Argentina
Great variety of LP's singles & 78's. lots of south american editions. Argentine rock.

Shine On | Record Store

Shine On

Address: GALERIA SUDAMERICA, Córdoba 1060 Local 10, S2000 Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina
CD, new and used vinyl, Argentine and international rock

Tango Vinyl | Record Store

Tango Vinyl

Address: Soria 5125, C1414 CABA, Argentina

Orejas al acecho | Record Store

Orejas al acecho

Address: Galeria Caribe, Av. Rivadavia 5283, C1424CEH CABA, Argentina
Small but very good quality and price of vinyl records

Devoto Vintage Librería Disquería | Record Store

Devoto Vintage Librería Disquería

Address: Adolfo P. Carranza 2673, C1417 HFF, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Used records and books of all styles and genders.

Melomanía Discos | Record Store

Melomanía Discos

Website: Facebook
Address: Av. Corrientes 1246, C1043 CABA, Argentina

El Agujerito | Record Store

El Agujerito

Address: Maipú 971, C1006ACM CABA, Argentina

El Gallo Cantor | Record Store

El Gallo Cantor

Address: Local 23, Galería Apolo, Av. Corrientes 1382, C1043ABN CABA, Argentina
Since 1986 "El Gallo Cantor" is a Collectors Vinyl Store, El Gallo Cantor sells original vinyl editions, not XXI century reeditions and has very rare material in his trays.

OM:discos (Oid Mortales) | Record Store

OM:discos (Oid Mortales)

Address: Local 17, Av Corrientes 1145, C1043AAL CABA, Argentina
Vinyl, CD, DVD. Compra, venta y canje.Fundación en 1983.

MuzikSavedMyLife | Record Store


Website: Facebook
Address: Tte. Benjamín Matienzo 2652, C1426DAX CABA, Argentina
Especializados en Maxis 12", Nu Disco, Disco Funk, Pop, Dance, House, New Beat, Acid House, Garage, Tech House. Traemos discos a pedido Nuevos y usados. Ventas por mayor.

Vintage Club Librería & Disquería | Record Store

Vintage Club Librería & Disquería

Website: Facebook
Address: Estado de Palestina 884, C1182ADH CABA, Argentina
Used records and books of all styles and genders.

La Cueva Musical | Record Store

La Cueva Musical

Website: Facebook
Address: Esmeralda 494, C1007ABB CABA, Argentina
We are a record store located in the heart of Buenos Aires. Since the 80's. Before Friends of Music, now La Cueva Musical. Cds Vinyl Dvds and Cassettes

Magical Mistery Records | Record Store

Magical Mistery Records

Address: Blanco Encalada 2376, C1428DDL CABA, Argentina
Discos usados

Mercurio Disqueria | Record Store

Mercurio Disqueria

Address: Av. Santa Fe 2729, C1425BGC CABA, Argentina
Disqueria Mercurio is an independent record store focused on Argentina’s independent music scene. A spot in the city where many of the blooming independent scene artist meet. It’s not about a particular music genre, it’s about promoting artists that have no space in those large music shops. Located in Galeria Patio del Liceo, a beautiful shelter for young artists in Buenos Aires, a nice spot to provide small intimate shows.

El perseguidor | Record Store

El perseguidor

Address: Av. Corrientes 1718, C1042AAQ CABA, Argentina
Vinyl, CD, DVD.

BVM Records | Record Store

BVM Records

Address: Av. Cabildo 1428, C1426ABO CABA, Argentina

QuartoPensante + Musicono Vinilos | Record Store

QuartoPensante + Musicono Vinilos

Address: Florida 15, C1005AAA CABA, Argentina
Records, Vinyl’s furniture & Accesories, and records cleaning services.

April Discos | Record Store

April Discos

Website: Facebook
Address: Suipacha 474, C1008AAJ CABA, Argentina
Local 20

Lon Records | Record Store

Lon Records

Website: Facebook
Address: Av. Cabildo 2280, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Disqueria Lon Records

Miles Discos | Record Store

Miles Discos

Address: Honduras 4969, C1414BMO CABA, Argentina
En Miles Discos ofrecemos, tanto en vinilos como en CDs, una selección musical única, un amplio abanico de estilos que abarca la música argentina, el tango y el tango electrónico, jazz del mundo y argentino, reggae, Brasil, pop y rock del mundo y nacional, Europa, latino, clásica, world, niños y folk & blues. Contamos con puestos de escucha disponibles para que nuestros clientes puedan disfrutar de nuestro material.Con 25 años de experiencia en la música y con un público que nos acompaña en el crecimiento día a día, nos destacamos por nuestra atención y asesoramiento personalizado acerca de material nacional, importado o inédito.Pueden venir a visitar nuestro local en Honduras 4969 (entre Gurruchaga y Borges), Palermo.----------In Miles Discos we offer you a wide range of styles in vinyls and CDs, quite unique, that goes from argentine music, tango and electronic tango, to jazz (including our fine argentine jazz music), reggae, music from Brazil and Europe, pop and rock music, latin and world music, classical, folk, blues and music for kids. We also have Listening Stations for you to enjoy our stuff.Having been in the music market for 25 years, we are proud of our long experience, which allow us to give our customers personal advice about national, imported and rare musical productions.You can visit us at our Store in Honduras 4969, Palermo.

Cactus Discos | Record Store

Cactus Discos

Address: Uruguay 290, C1015ABE CABA, Argentina
Collectible records & CDs from Argentina & Latin America.We have a long experience in South american folk music, such as folklore argentino, guitar players, andean folk, bolivian music, charango, quena, etc.Many local and foreign artists are available in all formats: Vinyl records LPs, CDs, EPs, 7"s, 12"s, cassettes, 78 RPMs, promo items, etc. We also have thousand of records by spanish, french, italian and american artists.You can also ask us about magazines, videos, photos, comics, movie posters, etc. Please e-mail us at and let us know about your preferences.

El Coleccionista | Record Store

El Coleccionista

Address: Esmeralda 562, C1007ABD CABA, Argentina
Vinyl, CD, DVD.Fundada en 1950

Hâus Record Store | Record Store

Hâus Record Store

Website: Facebook
Address: Av. Pueyrredón 2501, C1119ACIACI CABA, Argentina
Located on the second floor of the Buenos Aires Design market. Cozy record store specializing in dance music: minimal, house, electro house, minimal techno. Smaller selection of funk, jazz, IDM, electronica. Great selection of second hand records.