Record Stores in Hamburg, Germany

The Dream Academy
Fetured Artist

Zardoz Records

Address: Marktstraße 55, 20357 Hamburg, Germany
New and 2nd hand. Rock, Pop, Oldies/60s, Indie, Punk, Wave, Electro, Classical, Jazz, Soundtracks, Swing, Hip Hop, Soul, Disco, World, Blues, Metal, Country, lo

Norma Jean Record Shop

Address: Mundsburger Damm 55, 22087 Hamburg, Germany

Honey Bucket Records

Website: Discogs
Address: Sophienallee 20, 20257 Hamburg, Germany

Groove City Recordstore*

Address: Marktstraße 114, 20357 Hamburg, Germany
HipHop, Psych, Soul , Funk, Jazz, Latin, Middle Eastern, Afro, Soundtracks, Top Labels, Top Songs & Top Adventures


Address: Rentzelstraße 20, 20146 Hamburg, Germany

Crypt Records

Address: Julius-Leber-Straße 20, 22765 Hamburg, Germany

SLAM Records

Address: Schulterblatt 104, 20357 Hamburg, Germany
Second Hand Vinyl / CD / DVD

Smallville Records

Address: Neuer Kamp 32, 20357 Hamburg, Germany
New Techno / House / Minimal / Electronic Vinyl & CDs

Otaku Records

Address: Bleicherstraße 3, 22767 Hamburg, Germany
Otaku Records is the main provider for electronic music in Hamburg / Germany.Established in 1997 and now - after moving away from the so-called Schanzenviertel

Ruff Trade

Address: Feldstraße 66, 20359 Hamburg, Germany
New & Second Hand Vinyl & CDsJazz / Folk / Indie / Wave / Rock Pop

Fischkopp Plattenshop

Address: Grabenstraße 4, 20357 Hamburg, Germany
mainly Punk/Hardcore, but also Rock, Metal, Wave, Hip Hop, Soundtracks...This shop is run DIY non-profit-oriented by a collective.


Address: Simon-von-Utrecht-Straße, Hamburg, Germany
Minigroove is the smallest vintage subculture warehouse in Hamburg/St. Pauli. You will find here nearly everything in vinyl, CD, DVD and tapes. All styles and g

Pure Soul Recordshop

Address: Kohlhöfen 17, 20355 Hamburg, Germany
only vinyl / only originalsSoul / Funk / Jazz 45s & LPsClassical music


Address: Grindelhof 29, 20146 Hamburg, Germany
More than 200.000 second hand LPs / 7"es, very huge selection of rarities (mostly Rock/Pop, Jazz, Classical, Black Music, 50's / 60´s / 70`s / 80`s)

Freiheit und Roosen / Dephekt

Address: Paul-Roosen-Straße 41, 22767 Hamburg, Germany
Also known as Hafenschlammrecords mailorderWidespread selection of new, rare and obscure vinyl and CDs covering all musical styles

Wir Kaufen Schallplatten

Address: Kieler Str. 657, 22527 Hamburg, Germany
This Store predominantly buys and sells used records on vinyl and cd.

Theaterkasse Schumacher

Address: Kleine Johannisstraße 4, 20457 Hamburg, Germany
Ticket outlet with 7" vinyls and MC's instore

Burnout Records

Address: Beim Grünen Jäger 21, 20359 Hamburg, Germany
Mostly Punkrock, Garage, HC, Metal, Stoner, Indie. Also some Rockabilly, Country, Jazz.

Checkpoint Charly

Address: Gärtnerstraße 31, 20253 Hamburg, Germany

Selekta Reggae Record Shop

Address: Schulterblatt 18, 20357 Hamburg, Germany
Dub / Reggae / Rocksteady / Dancehall / Dubstep / Ska / Soul / Funk / Calypso / AfroSpecialized in 7"es / Direct Imports

Copasetic Mailorder

Address: Friedensallee 44, 22765 Hamburg, Germany
Independent mailorder service based in Hamburg. Established 2002. Specialized in 60s Ska, Rock Steady, Reggae, Garagepunk, Powerpop, Northern Soul, Popcorn, Roc

About Songs & Books

Address: Schwenckestraße 68, 20255 Hamburg, Germany
DevilDuck Records and mairisch Verlag have joined forces to bring together their mutual passions: music and books. In the shop "About Songs & Books" you can not


Website: Facebook
Address: Gärtnerstraße 16, 20253 Hamburg, Germany
Recordstore since 1982

Back Records

Website: Facebook
Address: Wohlwillstraße 24, 20359 Hamburg, Germany
Our little store in the heart of St. Pauli has a small but good selection and fair prieces. Downstairs you can find second hand vinyl, new & reissued treasures

Michelle Records

Address: Gertrudenkirchhof 10, 20095 Hamburg, Germany
Highly competent staff. Live shows every now and then, called shop window concerts.Selling also used vinyl and CDs.