Minigroove (Record store in Hamburg, Germany)


Hamburg, Germany
Specializes in Blues, Classical, Electronic, Folk, World, & Country, Funk / Soul, Hip Hop, Jazz, Latin, Non-Music, Pop, Reggae, Rock, Stage & Screen.

Address: Simon-von-Utrecht-Straße, Hamburg, Germany

Introduction: Minigroove is the smallest vintage subculture warehouse in Hamburg/St. Pauli. You will find here nearly everything in vinyl, CD, DVD and tapes. All styles and genres , all ages! Also there is a stock of fine literature including antique music mags and last but not least a lot of memorabilia, postcards, posters, comics and a countless bunch of historic band-t-shirts. The always good looking and charming Minigroove Team will guide you through the towers of stock and will help you in all questions. We're looking forward to your visit. Please come with enough time!

Sells: Records


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Minigroove, Hamburg, Germany
Minigroove, Hamburg, Germany