Record Stores in Athens, Greece

Update Records | Record Store

Update Records

Address: Akadimias 81, Athina 106 78, Greece
Found it empty and Closed.

Coma Records | Record Store

Coma Records

Address: Sofokleous 5, Athina 105 59, Greece
Online Record Shop operating in Athens, Greece.

Record Haze Athens | Record Store

Record Haze Athens

Address: Kolokotroni 47, Athina 105 60, Greece
Physical & Web Indie Record Store in the Center of Athens, Greece.We specialize in all new Vinyl Records - all genres, CD's, Magazines, Books, Fanzines, Art Prints, Hi-Fi gear and accessories.We encourage you to visit our shop and meet us. Contact email:

Johnny's Record Store | Record Store

Johnny's Record Store

Address: Didotou 49, Athina 106 80, Greece

Geheimnis Records | Record Store

Geheimnis Records

Address: Kolokotroni 47, Athina 105 60, Greece
Geheimnis Records was founded in August 2010. It's an indie record label, based in the centre of Athens, focusing on re-releases of lost and real hard to find sought-after records and cassettes. Focusing on the so-called Wave / Synth genre of the 80's and 90's, the purpose is to reveal obscure - and many times misunderstood - bands and artists to vinyl collectors and music enthusiasts, who are seeking into old record stores and the internet, just to find one piece at a time (and usually at a high cost...). Somehow, the label's name has to do with seeking lost treasures, therefore it's a secret (in English), a GEHEIMNIS (in German), μυστικό (in Greek), a secret (in French). The main difference is, that the purpose of the label is to expose this "secret" and not keep it for itself. And that's how the story begins !In December 2011, almost one year after its first appearance, Geheimnis Records has officially entered the era of involving with new artists and releases of the contemporary synth / wave sound, linking the past with the future, the old with the new. And that's because rhythms and melodies didn't stop to be produced all these years, while talented artists are always an intriguing issue which keep our interest alive. So, the philosophy of the label, considering its involvement with new artists, has evolved in its deep meaning. The "secret" exists only in the very beginning. As long as the artist(s) - through our label - reveals his/her work, the "secret" is gone. Anything new has always a potion of secrecy and the label's initial purpose was, and still is, to find and uncover "secrets / geheimnisse".

Habeat Records | Record Store

Habeat Records

Website: Discogs
Address: Pallados 21, Athina 105 54, Greece
Record Store, Arts & EventsThe Habeat record store is addressed to the people who run it, the conceptualization of their love for and interest in electronic music and vinyl.The shop is located in a friendly and welcoming space, intending to offer and/or suggest rhythms and images from the local and international scenes.The shop is located at a friendly and welcoming space, with the intention of offering and suggesting rhythms and images from the local and international scenes.

Scarecrow Records | Record Store

Scarecrow Records

Address: Solomou 35, Athina 106 82, Greece
We're independent record store, mailorder and label located at the center of Athens/Greece. The physical shop is located at Solomou street 35. We have a big selection of punk, hardcore, post-punk local and from abroad. We carry mainly vinyl but also some cds, tapes and books can be found. A lot of t shirts, badges, patches are for sale at the store. You can always check whats new at our

Bowel of Noise | Record Store

Bowel of Noise

Address: Themistokleous 25, Athina 106 77, Greece
Established in 2006 Bowel of Noise is the ultimate underground music store. Vinyl, CDs, Clothing, Books, Merchandise, Events

Art Nouveau Records | Record Store

Art Nouveau Records

Website: Discogs
Address: Arachovis 42, Athina 106 81, Greece
Records, CD's.

Art Rat Records | Record Store

Art Rat Records

Address: Zoodochou Pigis 48, Athina 106 81, Greece
Since 1992..Blues, Classic Rock, Folk, Heavy Metal, Indie, New Wave, Progressive, Psychedelia, Punk & Greek artists

Homcore music store | Record Store

Homcore music store

Address: Voulis 38, Athina 105 57, Greece
A physical & online music boutique, based at the shadow of Acropolis in Athens, Europe.We offer a vinyl selection both new & used . We call it Homcore and undoubtedly believe music should be the core of each modern or classical home.

Le Disque Noir | Record Store

Le Disque Noir

Website: Facebook
Address: Themistokleous 29, Athina 106 77, Greece
Record Shop. New & second hand CD, LP, DVD minimal , electro , ebm ,industial , dark ambient , folk , gothic , synth pop , dark wave - new wave - neo classical - etherial.....

Sound Effect Records | Record Store

Sound Effect Records

Address: Kallidromiou ke Spirou Trikoupi, Athina 106 83, Greece
Vinyl mostly independent record shop. Specialized in contemporary alternative music, micro editions, hard to find items but we also carry a large yet quite selected stock of used -but not abused- records from the 60's up to now. Last but not least we run a house label plus distribute numerous Greek and foreign labels/bands. Some of them exclusively.

Underflow Record Store | Record Store

Underflow Record Store

Address: Kallirrois 39, Athina 117 43, Greece
new used LPs ,Cds, art gallery & live stageemail :

Plan 59 | Record Store

Plan 59

Address: Zoodochou Pigis 59, Athina 106 81, Greece
Vinyl music records, 7'' singles, b-movies on DVD and video tapes, unique music and cinema posters , books, magazines, photos, and other items of exquisite taste!

Rock'n'Roll Circus | Record Store

Rock'n'Roll Circus

Website: Facebook
Address: Sina 21, Athina 106 80, Greece
Our store opened in spring 2000. Our motto is “Vinyl records are your best entertainment value”. We love soul and funk music from their birth until today, the evolution of jazz, reggae and everything that’s part of the rock & roll culture. We travel often and we provide weekly additions on our shelves of stuff. We also working directly with dozens of small labels that specialize in reissues and new releases.Daily recommendations, best conditions on used stuff and new discoveries on the sound of Rock & Roll Circus are some of our goals.We take care of your wantlists, we buy collections of all sizes at the best prices and we offer a wide choice of essentially good lp and 7 “s. We support independent record releases. Our mission is to satisfy those who really love music. We focus on what we like and on whatever we think you will also like.Rock & Roll Circus will do everything to reward you. Togetherness brings peace of mind.Every year we celebrate our birthday in March with the Super Dynamic Sale. Same happens in Fall Sale which takes place the first week of October.

7+7 Records | Record Store

7+7 Records

Website: Discogs
Address: Ifestou 22, Athina 105 55, Greece
New and used records, CDs and merchandise

Fuzz Overdose Records | Record Store

Fuzz Overdose Records

Address: Emmanouil Benaki 68, Athina 106 81, Greece
Punk Rock, Garage, Rockabilly, Psych...

Old School Records | Record Store

Old School Records

Address: Zoodochou Pigis 59, Athina 106 81, Greece
‘‘Old school Records’’ signed by dj Geo Recently opened a new record shop for downtown Athens in Exarchia ''Old school Records'', a cozy place for music lovers. The selection -second hand vinyl records, CDs and new reissues- is tight and affordable, spanning genres with a particular ear for psychedelic music, post-punk, disco-not-disco, new wave and a special focus on soul, jazz, rhythm n blues (5 mins from Panepistimio Metro Station).

Dirty Noise | Record Store

Dirty Noise

Address: Didotou 49, Athina 106 80, Greece
Small collection of new records that gets larger every day. We mainly focus on garage, punk, post-punk, indie, and alternative rock.

Kasseta Record Shop | Record Store

Kasseta Record Shop

Website: Facebook
Address: Sofokleous 5, Athina 105 59, Greece
independent record shop focusing on electronic dance music.

Discos Afrikana | Record Store

Discos Afrikana

Website: Facebook
Address: Ierofanton 13, Athina 118 54, Greece
Discos Afrikana is an in-store record shop at Afrikana Jazz Bar, a top gig space in Athens, Greece. In the record shop you can find latest releases, selected reissues and collections in cross genre style: jazz, funk, afrοbeat, brazilian and african grooves, soul, disco, hip hop, beats, dub, electronica, tropical, soundtrack, synth pop, psych, experimental, as well as the work of some of the finest local jazz musicians.

A Strange Attractor | Record Store

A Strange Attractor

Website: Facebook
Address: Valtetsiou 31, Athina 106 81, Greece
Avantgarde & underground records & books

LoFi concept | Record Store

LoFi concept

Address: Odissea Androutsou 38, Athina 117 41, Greece
Beatmaking culture and all the relatives. Short-run vinyl cuts (lathe cuts). ArtLab, handmade jewellery and paintings.

Rhythm Records | Record Store

Rhythm Records

Address: Emmanouil Benaki 74, Athina 106 81, Greece
Independent record store specializing in all kinds of undergrund stuff (garage, indie, punk, hardcore, drone, stoner, doom, noise, metal etc - vinyl, cd, dvds, shirts)New and 2nd hand.