Geheimnis Records (Record store in Athens, Greece)

Geheimnis Records

Athens, Greece
Record store
Specializes in Electronic, Rock, Pop.

Address: Kolokotroni 47, Athina 105 60, Greece

Introduction: Geheimnis Records was founded in August 2010. It's an indie record label, based in the centre of Athens, focusing on re-releases of lost and real hard to find sought-after records and cassettes. Focusing on the so-called Wave / Synth genre of the 80's and 90's, the purpose is to reveal obscure - and many times misunderstood - bands and artists to vinyl collectors and music enthusiasts, who are seeking into old record stores and the internet, just to find one piece at a time (and usually at a high cost...). Somehow, the label's name has to do with seeking lost treasures, therefore it's a secret (in English), a GEHEIMNIS (in German), μυστικό (in Greek), a secret (in French). The main difference is, that the purpose of the label is to expose this "secret" and not keep it for itself. And that's how the story begins !In December 2011, almost one year after its first appearance, Geheimnis Records has officially entered the era of involving with new artists and releases of the contemporary synth / wave sound, linking the past with the future, the old with the new. And that's because rhythms and melodies didn't stop to be produced all these years, while talented artists are always an intriguing issue which keep our interest alive. So, the philosophy of the label, considering its involvement with new artists, has evolved in its deep meaning. The "secret" exists only in the very beginning. As long as the artist(s) - through our label - reveals his/her work, the "secret" is gone. Anything new has always a potion of secrecy and the label's initial purpose was, and still is, to find and uncover "secrets / geheimnisse".

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Geheimnis Records, Athens, Greece