Record Stores in Zagreb, Croatia

Woodstock Record Shop | Record Store

Woodstock Record Shop

Address: Tratinska 33, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia
5000 LP's and singles and 1500 CD's , 2000 DVD's. Specialized in 60's 70's 80's rock, pop rock jazz and prog/psych music, and Yugoslavian pop- rock ..

Analogni Zvuk | Record Store

Analogni Zvuk

Address: Dubrava 31, 10040, Zagreb, Croatia
Small second-hand store in the neighbourhood of Dubrava. Mostly used records from Yugoslavia (Jugoton, Suzy, PGP RTB, RTVL etc.). Really cozy place, fair prices, all genres represented.

PDV Records x Merchandise | Record Store

PDV Records x Merchandise

Address: Međimurska ul. 21, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia
PDV Records x Merchandise is a part of the Pločnik - more than just a record store or a bar, it is a lifestyle and a concept store.It has found its permanent residence on the first floor of the building. Listen to a record with a beer, experience the solitude of the headphone, enjoy the scenery or chill in the couch.

Aquarius Music Shop 2 | Record Store

Aquarius Music Shop 2

Address: Ul. Kneza Branimira 29, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia
Second Aquarius Music Shop near the center of Zagreb. New music releases (all media). Also much more NEW & USED vinyl than main shop.It also has online music shop Cedeterija.Open on SUNDAY.

Aquarius Music Shop | Record Store

Aquarius Music Shop

Address: Varšavska ul. 13, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia
Main Aquarius Music Shop in the center of Zagreb. New music releases (all media). Classic & Jazz music releases.It also has online music shop Cedeterija.

Pitch Vinyl Shop | Record Store

Pitch Vinyl Shop

Website: Facebook
Address: prilaz Gjure Deželića 40, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia
*** CLOSED in December 2015 ***might re-open somewhereZagreb's own underground record shop!For the best in international House, Techno, Bass, Disco, Minimal, Dark, Mondo Wave, Soundtrack, Extravaganza, Oddball Muzical Escapades etc etc.

Magic Records | Record Store

Magic Records

Website: Discogs
Address: Horvaćanska cesta 166, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia
huge vinyl seller has physical store - but you can only arrange via message to come and check it live very friendly seller - new arrivals every week Tel: 00385 1 4832 108 Fax: 00385 1 4832 108 Mob: 091/288 6222 E-mail:

Dancing Bear | Record Store

Dancing Bear

Website: Facebook
Address: Gundulićeva ul. 7, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia
Dancing Bear Shop is specialized in selling only new vinyl records (LP, SINGLES, 12“, 10“ & 7''), from all over the world, also from our country Croatia and from other countries from former Yugoslavia. You can choose between: classical music, oldies, instrumental rock, rock ‘n’ roll, beat, psychedelic, progressive, pop-rock, blues, blues-rock, jazz, soul, funk, disco, electronic, reggae, ska, hip-hop, punk, hardcore, neofolk, post-punk, experimental, new wave, metal and alternative music. Our head-quarters are in Zagreb, Croatia, where we have shop in Gundulićeva 7 and Publising Record Label company Dancing Bear d.o.o. And only thing that we can tell: ''When words leave off, music begins...''

Dallas Records | Record Store

Dallas Records

Website: Facebook
Address: Ul. Ivana Tkalčića 7, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia
*** CLOSED in February 2016 ***Branch of Dallas Music Records shop, sells mainly CDs with maybe 200 new LP issues (Back To Black, 180gr). Many different genres, but mostly classic albums and rarely something special.ONLY new vinyl.

Dobar Zvuk | Record Store

Dobar Zvuk

Address: Preradovićeva ul. 24, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia
Situated in a small courtyard house, Dobar Zvuk is a cool & small used LP and CD shop. They might have some DVDs or something else other than that, but LPs are still their main concern. Only used LPs / 7" / 12" records.

Karma Vinyl Music Shop | Record Store

Karma Vinyl Music Shop

Address: Podgorska ulica 3, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia
Karma Vinyl Music Shop is specialized in selling rare vinyl records (LP, 7''), movie and music magazines from Croatia and from other countries from former Yugoslavia. They also offer a large amount of original and licenced pressings from USA, Asia (India, Japan, Taiwan), Europe and from other parts of the world.Their specialization is music from parts of former Yugoslavia. You can find many records issued by legendary record companies, like companies from ex-Yugoslavia: Jugoton, Suzy, Helidon, RTV Ljubljana, RTB, Diskoton and record companies like Parlophon, EMI, Apple, Mercury, Liberty, WB, Philips and others.Shop offers around 12000 different items. Contact them by email if you have any questions or come visit the shop itself.

Free Bird Shop | Record Store

Free Bird Shop

Address: Tratinska 50, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia
Largest used LP/CD's/DVD's store in Zagreb, which also offers used Hi-Fi and similar equipment). They also keep musical books and magazines, tickets for different events (mostly concerts) etc.Their stock varies from 25000 – 35000 vinyl records and about 6000 CD's, which is the biggest choice of music that Zagreb could offer.

Bon Ton | Record Store

Bon Ton

Website: Facebook
Address: Preradovićeva ul. 34, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia
A nice, friendly shop in the center of Zagreb. You can find used and new LPs and Maxi 12", with moderate prices, so check it out if you find yourself in the area. It's generally a fashion store, but stocks around 300-400 LPs and 12".Sometimes it's store stock goes around, acting like a pop-up record store of its own, so be sure to check with them if they actually have any vinyl on the spot (via FB or phone).

Roxy Second Hand Shop | Record Store

Roxy Second Hand Shop

Address: Savska cesta 34, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia
Second hand shop Roxy exists since 1993. They stock many rare and collectable items from the countries of former Yugoslavia and from all over the world. It's a small shop and tends to sell some heavily overpriced items (mainly Yugoslavian LPs), but you can find a lot of CDs, LPs, 7'', 12" and DVDs. It's cramped but cosy.

Record Store (Permanently Closed) | Record Store

Record Store (Permanently Closed)

Website: Facebook
Address: Ul. Ivana Tkalčića 34, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia
A modern shop, sells both used and new LPs. Also sells musical and Hi-Fi equipment - Jazz, R&B, soul, rock and many different genres.A nice selection of important Yugoslavian prints (foreign music and Yugoslavian music as well). Nice prices.Croatian distributor for CROSLEY turntables.

Britanac Antique Market | Record Store

Britanac Antique Market

Address: Britanski trg, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia
Not a real store. An open air farmers market during the week, this small square turns into an antique market on the weekends. There are always a couple of LP merchants here on Sundays, but you might find some on Saturdays, as well.Prices are negotiable, used and old LP / 7" are easy to find. ONLY Saturdays and Sundays and only if there's no rain/snow.

Dirty Old Shop | Record Store

Dirty Old Shop

Address: Tratinska 18, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia
A small shop, also an indie label.They sell concert tickets T-Shirts, CDs, LPs (used & new)... a lot of alternative music, so be sure to check it out.

Antikvarijat - knjižara Srce lubenice | Record Store

Antikvarijat - knjižara Srce lubenice

Address: Opatovina ul. 29, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia
Book store with small selection of CD, LP & DVD.e-mail: antikvarijat@srcelubenice.comAntikvarijat- knižara Srce lubenice nalazi se na zagrebačkoj Opatovini br. 29, u samome centru grada, a naše radno vrijeme je od osam ujutro do devet navečer radnim danom i od osam ujutro do tri sata poslije podne subotom. U dućanu se, osim knjiga, mogu nabaviti i nosači zvuka (gramofonske ploče i glazbeni cd-i), a raspolažemo i bogatom ponudom originalnih dvd naslova.

Woodstock Music Shop | Record Store

Woodstock Music Shop

Website: Facebook
Address: Tratinska 33, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia
Woodstock Music Shop is where you can find diverse vinyl records (LP, 7", EP, 12" & others). Many different genres, small shop, nice owner. USED records.

KarmaVinyl | Record Store


Website: Discogs
Address: Podgorska ul. 3, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia