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Brass City Records & Old Tools

Address: 489 Meadow St, Waterbury, CT 06702, USA
I've been selling music for thirty one years right here in the shop and 10 years before that at record shows up & down the east coast and Europe.... We have loads of vinyl and inexpensive cds. While the sixties are my specialty, we have quite a lot of punk, metal, new wave, jazz, fifties, folk and R n' B. There's a big bin of $1 records in the back room...and a large bin of FREE records as well...while we're on the subject of prices: Throw away your price guides because I don't use 'em. I think they're highly over rated and way over priced. I don't want to have a museum here and everything is priced to sell. Some of my customers actually have made a comfortable living selling stuff on ebay that they bought here...that's all part of the circle and more power to them...they come back and buy more...everybody's happy...I've got listening stations set up for vinyl and cds so you're not buying a "pig in a poke". You buy these to listen to...not to look at; so I guarantee each and every item I put out. Sorry no "flavor of the week" stuff here; we're not a maul store and don't want to be..This is the largest indie store in the state and it does take quite a bit of time to see everything there is to see. I really should re-locate to New York City or Boston, the stock is that good! But, here I am in Waterbury the back ass end of the universe.... So it goes...I do buy large collections of vinyl...give me a call or drop me a line...The Brass City Tool Shop I sell records for a living but I have a passion for woodworking and old tools. I really enjoy sharing both with anyone who will listen, and sometimes even people who will not listen. I own the only record store I know of with a functioning, though small, woodworking bench. I offer some fine wood working tools, most over 75 years old, and some well over 100 years old. They all still do what they were intended to do. Most were made right here in Connecticut within a stones throw of where I sit. The tools that I sell are tools that I would be proud to have in my own shop, or that I do have in my collection. I clean for use . Blades will be sharp and ready to use, but it's up to you to put the final touches on the bevel. Soles will be flat for use but not polished . Please send your requests for tools and parts. I've got so many I couldn't possibly list them all. I guarantee all the tools I sell back guarantee, just like the old days. Payment by cash, check, money order, charge card or paypal.I only buy tools that I would be proud to own. I look for good "bones" ie: solid castings, good wood, and functioning mechanicals. I also buy old woodworking tools, particularly pattern makers and jointer's tool chests. If you have had a family member who worked in this trade please contact me. I personally collect scraper planes and spokeshaves. Walt 203-574-7805 if you call, please give me a few moments to get to a phone...this place is pretty big...Any and all galoots are always welcome at the shop...drop by and try out some of the tools. ..if you're traveling through Connecticut; I'm 2 blocks off I-84 exit 21 or route 8 exit 32. Call or e-mail for directions or slap the address into mapquest.