Record Stores in Vienna, Austria

Rock Shop | Record Store

Rock Shop

Address: Taborstraße 70, 1020 Wien, Austria

Lennys Music Store | Record Store

Lennys Music Store

Address: Heizwerkstraße 8, 1230 Wien, Austria
Quite big store (200m2) with new releases, 2nd hand as well as bargain LPs and CDs. Plus music books, merchandise, DVDs and many more. Loads of memorabilia, gold records, signed stuff on the walls.

Wienyl | Record Store


Address: Rottstraße 7/4/R01, 1140 Wien, Austria
2nd Hand Recordstore all Genres, Top Prices!Buy & Sell

Marino Musik Egger e.U. | Record Store

Marino Musik Egger e.U.

Address: Paradeisergasse 3, 9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Austria

Record Shack | Record Store

Record Shack

Address: Reinprechtsdorfer Str. 60, 1050 Wien, Austria

Audio Center | Record Store

Audio Center

Address: Judenpl. 9, 1010 Wien, Austria
Huge selection of Jazz, a bit of everything though.

3345 Records & Culture | Record Store

3345 Records & Culture

Address: Posthorngasse 1, 1030 Wien, Austria
Long established legendary record store in Vienna. Founded as early as 1992, the Street Store opened its doors in March 1993 and was the first electronic store in Vienna. A "Mekka" for DJs that time.Many other genres of good music was supported by 3345 "the vinylplayer" Chris Rhythm aka Chris Wallner, the owner of the store. Exclusive labels like Loriz Sounds, Rhythm Trax was born under the best electronic time during the great 90ties.A 3345 slipmat serie was founded in many clubs and Bars in Vienna that time and until today. The 3345 records & culture street store closed its doors in summer 2007. Since then, Mr.Loriz was build up a nice collection @Discogs days and in summer 2019 the webshop and store will be back on track! Please welcome 3345 the legendary place in Vienna for quality vinyl service. Thank you for joining.

Moses Records Vinyl-CD Shop Ankauf-Verkauf | Record Store

Moses Records Vinyl-CD Shop Ankauf-Verkauf

Address: Lerchenfelder Straße 33, 1070 Wien, Austria
Vinyl-CD Shop Ankauf-Verkauf

Teuchtler | Record Store


Address: Windmühlgasse 10, 1060 Vienna, Austria
Huge and fairly organised selection of 2nd hand records and cds of all genres, jazz, funk, soul, rock, classical, electronica. you can find anything there, but it can take some time. Very friendly staff. 2 vinyl/several cd listening stations.Every first Saturday of the month it is open from 10:00 - 17:00.

Wiener LP Café | Record Store

Wiener LP Café

Address: Erdbergstraße 10, 1030 Wien, Austria
Recordstore with coffee, vintage furniture and HiFi in Vienna's 3rd district.Mainly new vinyls and CDs, but also some 2nd hand records.ACS In Ear phones and Acoustic Energy speaker retailer and partner of and audienz.atCosey atmosphere for crate digging and having a coffee or craftbeer and some music talk.Metro U3 "Rochusgasse"For opening hours, please visit the website or

Galea records | Record Store

Galea records

Website: Facebook
Address: Kaiserstraße 67, 1070 Wien, Austria
2nd hand record shop, selling also concert posters, vintage hi-fi, jukeboxes and pinball machines

Discus Throwers | Record Store

Discus Throwers

Address: Spittelberggasse 3, 1070 Wien, Austria vinyl & tape retail

Fame Record Shop by personal | Record Store

Fame Record Shop by personal

Website: Facebook
Address: Franz-Josefs-Kai 31, 1010 Wien, Austria
Second Hand Shop in the Basement of the Fame Boardshop run by DeeJay, Radio-Jock, Collector & personal records head DJ Preddy. Wide range of musical genres...From Rap to House to Drum N'Bass to Downbeat, Dubstep, Grime, Broken Beat, Downbeat, Jazz, Soul, Funk, Disco, Bossa Nova, Latin, Fusion, World Music and more......Nearest Subway Station is Schwedenplatz. Next to the Airport-Bus!

Scout Records | Record Store

Scout Records

Address: Capistrangasse 3, 1060 Wien, Austria
lots of 2nd hand vinyl of all genres

EMI - the music store | Record Store

EMI - the music store

Address: Kärntner Str. 30, 1010 Wien, Austria
Closed as of 24/12/2021:

RAP - Records and Prints | Record Store

RAP - Records and Prints

Website: Facebook
Address: Burggasse 63, 1070 Wien, Austria
Records and Prints - A selection of great records curated by fine DJs, collectors and label runners; and music related Prints

Black Monk | Record Store

Black Monk

Address: Neubaugasse 51, 1070 Wien, Austria
Sell used & new vinyls: Jazz, Soul/Funk, Blues, Reggae, Rock, Krautrock, Punk/New Wave, Eastern/Asian Rock, Austropop.eMail:

personal rec. & Stil Laden | Record Store

personal rec. & Stil Laden

Address: Lindengasse 46, 1070 Wien, Austria
personal rec. showroom at Stil Laden's 2nd Shop for Skateboard Goods. personal records is a Label based in Vienna/Austria run by longtime DeeJay & Radio Jock Herr Preddy aka Preddy Tendergrass. At this very own minimalistic Showroom you will find next to all available personal rec. releases diverse rarities from preddy's Discogs page that you can pick up here....

Schallter Audio & Records | Record Store

Schallter Audio & Records

Website: Facebook
Address: Westbahnstraße 13, 1070 Wien, Austria
Started as a New Wave record label in the early 1980s, revived in 2013. The shop exists since late 2015. –Specializing in collectible original pressings & re-releases of contemporary classics (1950s – 2010s). Genres: Pop, Rock, Jazz, Soul, Rock-N-Roll, Beat, Psychedelic, Progressive, Glam, Punk, New Wave, Disco, Electronic, Classical, Austrian music (old & contemporary). Various formats, vinyl of all shapes and sizes.–

Lindi's Schallplatten Laden e.U. | Record Store

Lindi's Schallplatten Laden e.U.

Address: Burggasse 79/A1070, 1070 Wien, Austria
Vinyl only -new and usedsmall selection of Project HiFi Turntables, Amplifiers, Headphones and Speakers

creative beans - coffee & records | Record Store

creative beans - coffee & records

Address: Borschkegasse 1, 1090 Wien, Austria
Small Cafe and record shop in "living room atmosphere". Second Hand and new releases Dig records and listen to them, while having a drink beside Closed on Sunday, monday and holiday

Ohrenschmaus Records | Record Store

Ohrenschmaus Records

Address: Praterstraße 26, 1020 Wien, Austria
Second hand vinyl and cds, mainly rock/pop, some metal

Deep Soul Records | Record Store

Deep Soul Records

Website: Facebook
Address: Rotenmühlgasse 3, 1120 Wien, Austria
HipHop, Funk, Soul, Reggae, Rock, Jazz, Exotica, Worldmusic, Austrian specialsOn discogs can be found as plasticvenue

Dynamic Recordstore | Record Store

Dynamic Recordstore

Address: Esterhazygasse 32, 1060 Vienna, Austria
Hard Techno, Drum n bass, Rave, Dubstep.

Recordbag | Record Store


Address: Margaretenstraße 91, 1050 Wien, Austria
Vinyl, CDs