Record Stores in Ukraine

Fetured Artist


Address: Pushkina Ave, 49, Dnipropetrovs'k, Dnipropetrovs'ka oblast, Ukraine, 49000


Address: Sichovykh Striltsiv St, 4, Dnipropetrovs'k, Dnipropetrovs'ka oblast, Ukraine, 49000

LongPlay Community

Address: Yaroslaviv Val St, 29В, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000
Vinyl record shop, also known as on-line shop

Nadvechіr.Com.Ua - Online Music Shop

Address: Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000
Online shop Nadvechі - site about music in all its genres and styles! Music for all on CD, DVD, SACD, Blu Ray, Mini Vinyl, Vinyl, and various limited ed


Website: Facebook
Address: Yaroslaviv Val St, 28, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000
Dear guests!Before visit , please call or write on Facebook


Address: Bel'veders'ka St, 32, Ivano-Frankivs'k, Ivano-Frankivs'ka oblast, Ukraine, 76000


Address: Sichovykh Striltsiv St, 5, Dnipropetrovs'k, Dnipropetrovs'ka oblast, Ukraine, 49000

Vinyl Place

Address: Lvivska St, Petropavlivska Borshchahivka, Kyivs'ka oblast, Ukraine, 08130


Address: Latysheva Ln, 8, Poltava, Poltavs'ka oblast, Ukraine, 36000

GRAM Record Store

Website: Facebook
Address: Sichovykh Striltsiv St, 21, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000
GRAM Record Store - vinyl corner room in one of the first audiophile bars near city center Kyiv, Ukraine. For now in store shelves we have around 800 records -

Old Vinyl Records

Address: Borshchahivska St, 154, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03056

Address: Hoholya St, 15, Dnipropetrovs'k, Dnipropetrovs'ka oblast, Ukraine, 49000


Address: Soborna St, 47, Rivne, Rivnens'ka oblast, Ukraine, 33000

Vinyl club

Address: Brativ Rohatyntsiv St, 24, L'viv, L'vivs'ka oblast, Ukraine, 79000
Musical space in Lviv that specialized on vinyls and players.


Website: Discogs
Address: Vulytsya Berkovetsʹka, 6Д, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04128

Address: Ukraina, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000

Музыкальный Центр

Address: Kvitky-Osnov'yanenka St, 12, Kharkiv, Kharkivs'ka oblast, Ukraine, 61000
Виниловые пластинки, CD, Blu-Ray и DVD-диски в наличии и под заказ.Vinyl records, CDs, Blu-Ray and DVDs are available and on order.

SuperShop2010, "Грампластинка"

Website: Discogs
Address: вулиця Вербова, 19,Київ, Украина, Павильон 32-А, Київ, Kyiv city, Ukraine, 04073
We are a small records and music store.In my store, in addition to buying vinyl, audio cassettes and rell2reell tapes, you can also buy available, both vintage

Address: Kostiantynivska St, 16, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000

Address: 37A, Vasylia Lypkivskoho St, 37А, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000
Online record store

Address: Hoverla, Zakarpattia Oblast, Ukraine
Online only

Kultura Zvuka

Address: Sumska St, 92, Kharkiv, Kharkivs'ka oblast, Ukraine, 61000
Recorde store with great collection of cool music and a large selection of Hi-Fi equipment.


Website: Discogs
Address: Odesa, Odessa Oblast, Ukraine, 65000
Dope On Plastic

Entrall Music

Website: Discogs
Address: Volodymyrska St, 82, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000
Music Label, Recording Company & Vinyl Room.


Website: Discogs
Address: Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000