Record Stores in Poznań, Poland

Fripp Sklep | Record Store

Fripp Sklep

Address: Stary Rynek 52B, 61-772 Poznań, Poland
An independent record store in Poznan, Poland. Offers LP's of Jazz, classical, folk, independent rock and many others

Vinyl City | Record Store

Vinyl City

Address: Grodziska 67, 60-564 Poznań, Poland
An internet music shop with lot of records to listen and to buy.We try to record some of our vinyls on to YouTube for you to listen and to have an idea what kind of music is that.

Movie Shop - Filmy, Gry, Muzyka, Konsole | Record Store

Movie Shop - Filmy, Gry, Muzyka, Konsole

Address: Półwiejska 19, Poznań, Poland
Shop focused on second hand and new hip-hop records

LONGPLAY vinylshop & cafe | Record Store

LONGPLAY vinylshop & cafe

Address: Polna 22, 61-645 Poznań, Poland
Sells and buys 2nd hand vinyls and cds. At this place, you can drink coffee, tea, beer and wine.

Rock Long Luck | Record Store

Rock Long Luck

Address: Półwiejska 20, Poznan, Poland
Rock and Metal records

Movie Shop - Music, Games, Movies | Record Store

Movie Shop - Music, Games, Movies

Website: Facebook
Address: Święty Marcin 26, 61-805 Poznań, Poland
Sells and buys 2nd hand vinyls and cds

Art Rock | Record Store

Art Rock

Address: Wielka 9, 61-001 Poznań, Poland
Second hand vinyl from 70s and 80s. Includes Japanese editions and CDsOne of the best shops in Poland.

Wino i winyle | Record Store

Wino i winyle

Address: Stanisława Taczaka 21, 61-714 Poznań, Poland
Wine and records, previously Masłowski CD

Vinylgate Recordstore | Record Store

Vinylgate Recordstore

Address: Garncarska 3, 61-817 Poznań, Poland
new & 2nd hand vinyl + cd's

K-wax | Record Store


Address: Ratajczaka 32, 61-806 Poznań, Poland