Record Stores in Oslo, Norway

Schous Bøker | Record Store

Schous Bøker

Address: Schous Plass 7A, 0552 Oslo, Norway
A cozy independent thrift shop. Offerring used books and Vinyl.Free coffe,comics and relaxed atmosphere.

Shadowland | Record Store


Address: Torggata 36B, 0183 Oslo, Norway
Defunct as of november 2014Specializing in Goth, synth, wave, EBM, Industrial

The Garden | Record Store

The Garden

Website: Discogs
Address: Skippergata 33, 0154 Oslo, Norway
Huge two floor shop with onyl vinyl, in every genre, colour. used & new. Repress, audiophile, mailorder etc etc..

Big Dipper Oslo | Record Store

Big Dipper Oslo

Address: Møllergata 1, 0155 Oslo, Norway
Record shop

Neseblod Records | Record Store

Neseblod Records

Address: Schweigaards gate 56, 0656 Oslo, Norway
Heavy Metal/Black Metal record store with a small Black Metal exhibition.

Cruisin' Records | Record Store

Cruisin' Records

Address: Kongens gate 2, 0153 Oslo, Norway
Rock'n'roll, rockabilly, swing, blues, country, americana on vinyl

Bare Jazz | Record Store

Bare Jazz

Address: Grensen 8, 0159 Oslo, Norway
Watering hole for jazz lovers

Arbeidernes Antikvariat | Record Store

Arbeidernes Antikvariat

Address: Schous Plass 7A, 0552 Oslo, Norway
Great second hand book shop that also offers a selection of carefully curated vinyl (both new and used). Specializes in Scandinavian hard-to-find classics and leftist political music. The shop is located in Rathkes gate, allthough the adress is Schous Plass 7A.

Hendrix Ibsen | Record Store

Hendrix Ibsen

Website: Facebook
Address: Maridalsveien 13e, 0178 Oslo, Norway
Vinyl shop Opening spring 2015.

Katakomben Records | Record Store

Katakomben Records

Address: Youngstorget 6, 0181 Oslo, Norway
Underground extreme metal. Both vinyl and cd´s.

Rock&rolls | Record Store


Website: Facebook
Address: Stortingsgata 8, 0161 Oslo, Norway
Second hand record store.First day: 2017-04-18

Filter Musikk | Record Store

Filter Musikk

Address: Skippergata 33, 0154 Oslo, Norway
Oslo's finest recordshop for electronic music.Experienced and friendly owner.

Lucky Eddie | Record Store

Lucky Eddie

Address: Trondheimsveien 63, 0565 Oslo, Norway
Second hand records

Råkk og rålls | Record Store

Råkk og rålls

Website: Facebook
Address: Akersgata 39, 0158 Oslo, Norway
Large second hand record store.Closed on this address. New address: day with open doors was 2017-03-30.

Tiger | Record Store


Address: Hammersborggata 18, 0181 Oslo, Norway
Independent record store

Platekompaniet AS - Oslo City | Record Store

Platekompaniet AS - Oslo City

Address: Stenersgata 1, 0050 Oslo, Norway

Ringstrøms Antikvariat | Record Store

Ringstrøms Antikvariat

Address: Wessels gate 2B, 0165 Oslo, Norway
The store closed down october 2014.Second hand records and old books

Baklengs | Record Store


Website: Facebook
Address: Fredensborgveien 17, 0177 Oslo, Norway
New and used records.Big on electronic music.

Platekompaniet AS - Storo | Record Store

Platekompaniet AS - Storo

Address: Vitaminveien 7-9, 0485 Oslo, Norway