Record Stores in Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Bending Sound | Record Store

Bending Sound

Address: 2 Bank Ln, Bangor, BT20 5EG, United Kingdom
Record store, selling Brand New Vinyl including New Releases, Classic Re-issues, Limited Editions, Box sets, Rega turntables & accessories.

Cool Discs | Record Store

Cool Discs

Address: Lesley House, 6, Foyle St, Londonderry BT48 6AP, United Kingdom

Vinyl Sounds Good | Record Store

Vinyl Sounds Good

Address: 10 Lord Warden's Mount, Bangor, BT19 1YT, United Kingdom
One of N.Irelands largest On-line record stores. We also buy 2nd hand record collections for cash.

Vinyl Island | Record Store

Vinyl Island

Address: 96 Moybrone Rd, Enniskillen BT74 9EW, UK
Opening soon, online sales for now.Selling sizes - 7", 10", 12" Years - 1950s to 2010sStyles - Whatever

Timeslip Records Belfast | Record Store

Timeslip Records Belfast

Website: Facebook
Address: 44 Botanic Ave, Belfast BT7 1JR, UK
New and used vinyl, loads of interesting items and releases from local artists. Great staff.

Abbazappa | Record Store


Address: Palace St, Londonderry BT48 6PS, UK
vinyl record shop

Dragon Records | Record Store

Dragon Records

Website: Facebook
Address: 59 Wellington Pl, Belfast BT1, UK
Mainly second hand, lots of variety including a decent amount of indie, metal, punk etc. Some CD's too.

HMV - Belfast | Record Store

HMV - Belfast

Address: Unit 3-6, Donegall Arcade, Belfast BT1 1PT, United Kingdom
City Centre branch.

Track Records | Record Store

Track Records

Website: Facebook
Address: Ballymena, Ballymena, Ballymena BT43 6BH, UK
A small second hand vinyl store, with a penchant for selling the odd cd, cassette tape, book, poster or anything else we think we can turn around.Based in Northern Ireland we stock well graded and reasonably priced vinyl. Due to our location we would specialise in Irish music and Country. Due to our own personal music taste we also stock a great brand of soul, northern soul, funk and disco. Remember. This is a town who once stopped ELO playing here because the were said to bring the 4 D's (Drink, Drugs, Debauchery and the devil)So we effectively run a record shop in the same town were Kevin Bacon lived in Footloose. Surely that's worth supporting

Head Records | Record Store

Head Records

Website: Facebook
Address: 28, Castlecourt Food Court, Royal Ave, Belfast BT1 1DD, UK
Music & Film Retailer

Premier Records | Record Store

Premier Records

Address: 5 Smithfield Square N, Belfast BT1 1FN, UK
Family-owned and established in 1926, Premier sells every manner of Irish traditional and country music, as well as CDs and DVDs featuring the best in Irish comedy

Voodoo Soup Records | Record Store

Voodoo Soup Records

Website: Facebook
Address: 17 Winetavern St, Belfast BT1 1JQ, UK
New and used vinyl, imported used vinyl from USA, local artist releases, spread over 2 floors.

Number One Records & Tapes | Record Store

Number One Records & Tapes

Address: Larne, Larne, Larne BT40 1HU, UK

Sick Records | Record Store

Sick Records

Website: Facebook
Address: 78 North St, Belfast BT1 1LD, UK

Vanilla Records | Record Store

Vanilla Records

Website: Facebook
Address: 2 Queen St, Magherafelt BT45 6AB, UK
Quality new & used records nested above an ice cream parlour. Over 3000 records of all genres....Just good music!Follow on social media : Instagram - vanilla.recordsFacebook - Vanilla Records

Starr Records | Record Store

Starr Records

Website: Facebook
Address: 22 Berry St, Belfast BT1 1SX, UK