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Dundgol Records | Record Store

Dundgol Records

Address: WW94+3JQ, Баруун Сэлбийн гудамж, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Opened 2015 and changed three locations so far. Sells a wide range of LPs plus lots of 12". Wide selection of LPs from former USSR, Bulgaria, Romania, some Cuban and Yugoslavian records, some nice and somewhat rare Japanese LPs and 12" here and there etc. Has US, UK, German and French prints as well.A lot of 12" from 80s and 90s, nice collection of different genres (reggae, dancehall, hip-hop, R&B, electronica, acid jazz, soul etc.) DJ friendly. Has a turntable for inspecting the records. By far most of the LPs offered are from the former USSR, including a lot of perestroika-era rock bands. Fair prices, open for deals. Pleasant crate digging atmosphere, English spoken.Great shop, definitely a must!

Chinzo's Records Room & Retro Records Mongolia | Record Store

Chinzo's Records Room & Retro Records Mongolia

Address: 5-r Khoroolol 45 -r, Байр, Улаанбаатар 14252, Mongolia
Since 2020, we are newly opened in heart of Ulaanbaatar. Sells wide range of second hand and newly pressed LP's, Maxi Singles, Cassettes and CD's from all over the world. We offer also second hand and new Hi-Fi systems (Amplifier, Tuner, Cassette decks, turntable .etc) imported from EU (Germany, France, Belgium, Nietherland, Austria).