Record Stores in Milan, Italy

Massivemusicstore | Record Store


Address: Via Gustavo Fara, 4, 20124 Milano MI, Italy
Mainly second-hand vinyl and cds.

Solo Vinili/libri | Record Store

Solo Vinili/libri

Address: Via Carlo Tenca, 10, 20124 Milano, Italy
Indie and alternative vinyls. Check their sites, I'm no expert.Closed alla day Monday and Wednesdsay. Open on Sunday.

Reverend's Records & Print Corner Shop | Record Store

Reverend's Records & Print Corner Shop

Address: Viale Toscana, 31, 20136 Milano MI, Italy
New/Used Vinyls, located into Santeria Social Club



Address: Piazza dei Mercanti, 20123 Milano MI, Italy
Second hand vinyl only. This is not a regular shop. It's a basically a kiosk selling records. Opening times are hectic because there are no opening times! Call first. Good thing is that it is right in the centre of Milan near Duomo Square .

Il Discomane | Record Store

Il Discomane

Address: Alzaia Naviglio Grande, 38, 20144 Milano MI, Italy
Mostly second-hand vinyl and cds.Closed Monday morning.

Nashville | Record Store


Website: Facebook
Address: Via Panfilo Castaldi, 17, 20124 Milano MI, Italy
Second-hand vinyl and cds. Pop, rock, metal, jazz, blues, punk.Open only in the afternoon and Saturday all day. Close on Monday. Call first, opening hours are quite confusing.

Joker | Record Store


Address: Viale Pisa, 45, 20146 Milano MI, Italy
Second hand vinyl and cds.Close Monday morning.

IL VINILE | Record Store


Address: Via Ruggero Leoncavallo, 10, 20131 Milano MI, Italy
Used records.Always call first.

Metropolis Dischi | Record Store

Metropolis Dischi

Website: Facebook
Address: Via Carlo Esterle, 29, 20132 Milano MI, Italy
Vinyl, CDs and DVDs, both new and used.

Dischi Suonati | Record Store

Dischi Suonati

Website: Facebook
Address: Via Corsico, 3, 20144 Milan, Italy
Dischi Suonati Temporary Vinyl Store, nasce dall'idea di quattro ragazzi appassionati di musica elettronica, stufi dei soliti negozi unicamente a scopo commerciale. Non solo un semplice store ma un crocevia di passioni, eventi, persone e idee! Il nostro negozio è sempre in movimento. Dopo il mese di Marzo passato presso il Temporary store del Ral8022 di Via Corsico 3, dove il progetto Dischi Suonati prende forma proponendo un nuovo concept di negozio ed organizzando eventi e showcases che vedono coinvolti alcuni tra i migliori dj del panorama milanese e italiano, in occasione del Fuorisalone del Mobile 2014 ci siamo spostati partecipando a vari eventi tra i quali: Concrete Jungle @Ese House, Garage Sale by Music Priority e il Salone Fuori by DPU Project. Il 31 maggio presentiamo il nuovo progetto 12hr @ Wave, una giornata dedicata alla musica che unisce la realtà del negozio a quella del clubbing . Nel frattempo ci siamo continuati a spostare partecipando ad importanti eventi quali L'ape nel Parco e Festa della Musica 2014.Nel mese di Luglio, dopo qualche mese di vagabondaggio, colti dalla nostagia, abbiamo infine deciso di ritornare a 'casa' ovvero al Ral8022.Da Settembre 2014 avremo una parte del nostro store al Ral8022 gestendo la vendita e la distribuzione attraverso il web.Seguiteci per essere sempre aggiornati sui nostri prossimi spostamenti ed eventi!Dischi Suonati Temporary Vinyl Store is the brainchild of four young fans of electronic music, tired of the usual shops solely for commercial purposes. More than just a store but a crossroads of passions, events, people and ideas! Our shop is on the move. After the March passed at the Temporary store of Ral8022 Via Corsico 3, where the project takes shape Dischi Suonati proposing a new store concept and organizing events and showcases that involve some of the best DJs in the scene in Milan and Italian, at the Fuori Salone del Mobile 2014 we moved to participating in various events including: Concrete Jungle Ese House, Garage Sale by Music Priority and the Il salone di fuori ​​by DPU Project. On May 31, we present the new project 12hr @ Wave, a day dedicated to music that combines the reality of the store to the clubbing. We have since continued to move participating in important events such as the Ape in the Park and La Festa Della Musica in 2014. In July, after a few months of wandering, captured by nostagia, we finally decided to go back to 'home' the Ral8022. From September 2014 we will have a part of our store to Ral8022 managing the sale and distribution over the web. Follow us to keep up to date on our upcoming trips and events!



Website: Facebook
Address: Via Pinturicchio, 5, 20133 Milano MI, Italy
Mostly second-hand vinyl. Check opening hours first. As far as I know it's open only in the afternoon.

Satisfaction Records | Record Store

Satisfaction Records

Website: Facebook
Address: Via Pietro Custodi, 12, 20136 Milano MI, Italy
Second hand vinyl pop, rock, metal, punk, jazz.Open only in the afternoon, all day Saturday. Call first.

Sound Cave | Record Store

Sound Cave

Address: Via Daniele Crespi, 7, 20123 Milano MI, Italy
Aperto dal 1996, il punto vendita Sound Cave è il punto di riferimento per la musica estrema a Milano

Dischivolanti | Record Store


Website: Twitter
Address: Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 47, 20143 Milano MI, Italy
Vinyl and CDs, new, used and rarities.Rock, Pop, Punk, Wave, Industrial, Avant, Metal, Electronic, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Classical.Open until midnight on friday and saturday.

La Bottega Discantica | Record Store

La Bottega Discantica

Address: Via Nirone, 5, 20123 Milano MI, Italy
Historic shop in Milan (40 years of activity). Only classical music. CDs and vintage vinyls but only new ones.

Vinylbrokers | Record Store


Address: Via Privata Pericle, 4, 20126 Milano MI, Italy
Vinyl record store basically focused on second hand US pressings. Open since 2006.

Serendeepity | Record Store


Address: Corso di Porta Ticinese, 100, 20123 Milano, Italy
Concept Store: Music / Design / Vintage / BooksOpened September 2009

Il Libraccio | Record Store

Il Libraccio

Address: Viale Vittorio Veneto, 22, 20124 Milano MI, Italy
New and used vinyl and cds. There are Libraccio shops in Milan and out of Milan. If you're looking for vinyl also check the ones in Via Arconati, Via Candiani and the one in Monza in Piazza Indipendenza.

Green Tunnel Records | Record Store

Green Tunnel Records

Address: Corso di Porta Ticinese, 76, 20123 Milano MI, Italy
Green Tunnel is a shop selling 2nd hand records with a selection CBD related products.Sitting in the heart of our beloved Corso di Porta Ticinese area, Green Tunnel is also meeting point born out of friendship between human beings that are sharing the same passion for music and natural products.

VINILE | Record Store


Website: Facebook
Address: Via Alessandro Tadino, 17, 20124 Milano MI, Italy
Both shop & café, vintage furniture and objects, almost everything's on sale.Live music on wensdays and sundays, DJ set every weekend.Large selection of original vinyls 12" & 7" Soul, Funk, Jazz, Rock, Progressive, Italian, Hip Hop & more



Website: Facebook
Address: Via Cesare da Sesto, 24, 20123 Milano MI, Italy
Second-hand records and cd.Monday morning closed.

Psycho | Record Store


Website: Facebook
Address: Via Ludovico Lazzaro Zamenhof, 2, 20136 Milano MI, Italy
NEW & SECOND-HAND VINYL and CDs. Pop, Folk, Rock, Blues, Punk, Jazz, Wave, Metal, Psychedelia, StonerClose on Sunday. Sells 7" records (except about 10 pieces) not in the shop on display, but only on Ebay and Discogs.

Mariposa | Record Store


Address: Via Santa Radegonda, 20121 Milano MI, Italy
New cds. Some new vinyl too. Only metal.The official site does not show vinyl. Don't know why.Closed on Monday morning. | Record Store

Address: Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy
Vendita vinili usati, 33 giri, 45 giri. Shop online dischi in vinile usati.

Robx Records | Record Store

Robx Records

Address: Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy
Vinyl Records from a private collection.