Record Stores in Leipzig, Germany

Keith Jarrett
Fetured Artist

Into Endless Chaos Records

Address: Alfred-Kästner-Straße 44, 04275 Leipzig, Germany


Address: Peterssteinweg 13, 04107 Leipzig, Germany
Secondhand Store. Mostly Jazz, Rock, Pop and a huge GDR-Archive.

Sleeve ++

Address: Mariannenstraße 74, 04315 Leipzig, Germany

Musikhaus Kietz - Klangkombinat

Address: Peterssteinweg 3, 04107 Leipzig, Germany
Established in 1994, the shop continues to expand its repertoire and stock on a daily basis. Also sells new releases. Takes part in Record Store Day. Large stoc


Address: Peterssteinweg 3, 04107 Leipzig, Germany

Ohrakel Records

Address: Brühl 61, 04109 Leipzig, Germany
About 10.000 records in stock. Sells both new and secondhand.

Whispers Records

Address: Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 109, 04275 Leipzig, Germany
Rock, Pop, Electro, EBM, Gothic, Punk, Oi, Emo, Hardcore, Psycho

Inch By Inch

Website: Discogs
Address: Lützner Str. 60, 04177 Leipzig, Germany
Record store based in Leipzig, Germany. Run by DJ and artist Drunkenstein.Specialized in electronic music of all kinds. They're also offering Hip Hop, Funk, Dis


Address: Calvisiusstraße 42, 04177 Leipzig, Germany
New & Used Vinyls - Always Big Bargains


Address: Bornaische Str. 95, 04277 Leipzig, Germany
House, Techno, Elektro, Synthwave, Afrobeat, Acid

Glas & Bohne

Address: Endersstraße 6, 04177 Leipzig, Germany
Glas & Bohne is a concept store: optician, coffee shop & record storeYou'll find selected records in Modern Classcial, Electronica, Ambient, Beat-Art & Rap.

S1 Vinyl & Kaffee

Website: Facebook
Address: Sattelhofstraße 1, 04179 Leipzig, Germany
An espresso bar in Leutzsch/Leiplzig with an evolving catalogue of vinyl that visitors can select from as a live jukebox. We also sell LPs & Cassettes.


Website: Facebook
Address: Eisenbahnstraße 7, 04315 Leipzig, Germany
A record store, a café, a label and a event series

N° 9

Website: Facebook
Address: Kolonnadenstraße 9, 04109 Leipzig, Germany
Temporary showroom for fashion, art and music. Curated by Riotvan and Yes, Boy.

Schall und Rausch

Address: Karl-Heine-Straße 85, 04229 Leipzig, Germany
Vinyl and CDs

Kann Records

Address: Kochstraße 10, 04275 Leipzig, Germany
shop closed

The Needle and the Damage Done

Address: Bornaische Straße 54, 04277 Leipzig, Germany
located in Zoro (backyard of given address)sells both new and used records in hardcore, metal and a bunch of subgenres.highly recommended!