Record Stores in Athens, Georgia, United States

Low Yo Yo Stuff Records | Record Store

Low Yo Yo Stuff Records

Website: Facebook
Address: 261 W Washington St, Athens, GA 30601, USA
new and used vinyl of all sizes, speeds, and colours.piles of cds and tapes as well.send a want list to

Shadebeast Records | Record Store

Shadebeast Records

Website: Facebook
Address: 919 N Chase St, Athens, GA 30601, USA
Metal only record shop focused on current pressings of new and recent releases. We are a curated shop with informed advisors, more than a "crate digging" spot. We do not buy used records, and most of what we do offer used is sold through Discogs.

The Record Booth | Record Store

The Record Booth

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Address: 1743 Lexington Rd, Athens, GA 30605, USA
Athens, GA's home for vintage vinyl. We feature $3 LP's, $1 45's as well as a large selection of individually priced collectible vinyl, vintage stereo and MUCH more!We're located inside Lexington Vintage. Look for the giant rooster out front!

Wuxtry Records - Athens | Record Store

Wuxtry Records - Athens

Address: 197 East Clayton Street, Athens, GA 30601, USA