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Vinyl Kafé "L'Eden Rock" - Record Store Image
Vinyl Kafé "L'Eden Rock"
Sell: Records, Café / jus de Fruit Matériel HIFI VIntage
Country: France
Address: 20 Rue Dominique de Gourgues 40000 Mont de Marsan FRANCE, France Maps
Intro: Spécialiste du Vinyles Neuf et d'Occasion Achat / Vente / Détente Vous serrez accueilli dans une ambiance chaleureuse pour boire un café ou autre Vinyl Specialist & Used and news You will be welcomed in a cool atmosphere for a coffee or another
El Cerebro Musical - Record Store Image
El Cerebro Musical
Sell: Records
Country: France
Address: 32, rue Pharaon 31000 Toulouse, France Maps
Intro: Indie alternative music - Classic rock. Folk, jazz, experimental
La Charcuterie - Record Store Image
La Charcuterie
Sell: Records, vintage hi-fi
Country: France
Address: 44 rue Camille sauvageau 33800 Bordeaux France, France Maps
Intro: Used Vinyls Only!
Lucky Records - Record Store Image
Lucky Records
Sell: Records
Country: France
Address: 66 rue de la Verrerie 75004 Paris, France Maps
Intro: Specialized in Madonna records.
Dandy Rock Le Shop - Record Store Image
Dandy Rock Le Shop
Sell: Records, CDs, Comics & Books
Country: France
Address: 3 Place Haute Du Chai 22OOO, Saint Brieuc , France, France Maps
Intro: Buy/Sell Vinyl Records, ROCK POP FOLK HARD JAZZ SOUL FUNK Movies soundtracks.. and own productions, Of course !
La Cellule Records - Record Store Image
La Cellule Records
Sell: Records
Country: France
Address: 6 Rue de Pomet 83000 Toulon France, France Maps
Intro: Vinyl records only, all kinds of music (from house music to death metal), new and second hand.
Exodisc - Record Store Image
Sell: Records
Country: France
Address: 70 Rue du Mont Cenis, 75018 Paris France, France Maps
Intro: Mostly new vinyls, also second hand.
Plastic Soul Records - Record Store Image
Plastic Soul Records
Sell: Records, DVD, Blu-ray
Country: France
Address: 93 avenue Ledru Rollin Paris, France Maps
Intro: A record store
Discobuzz - Record Store Image
Sell: Records
Country: France
Address: 43 rue du Maréchal Foch Galerie l'Alhambra 65000 Tarbes, France Maps
Intro: Records vinyls : Rock Music, Garage, Punk, Reggae, Jazz, Funk, Disco, Pop, World Music, New Wave, etc.. Shop on line : Infos on : Discobuzz on Facebook & Twitter
Big Smile Bazaar - Record Store Image
Big Smile Bazaar
Sell: Records, The shop have some creators of women accessorize, Jewelry, Bags, Shoes ( Escarpins, customs by a mod
Country: France
Address: 6 rue du Ponceau Paris 2 ème, France, France Maps
Intro: Our records shop is own by Momo from Big Cheese records, Eric and Fred. It is a small records concept store, but a really tight selection of (Soul/Funk, Pop/Rock, Brazil, African, West Indies, Latin, Jazz, Jazz-Funk, Obscure Jazz) and specialized in Middle east Music and Maghreb Music. Only Vinyl LP and 7"!! Come down;)!!
SubWay Records - Record Store Image
SubWay Records
Sell: Records, Vinyl, CDS
Country: France
Address: 2 rue de la chicane 34130 SAINT AUNES FRANCE, France Maps
Intro: Deep, house, techno dealer
breizh-tekshop - Record Store Image
Sell: Records, Vetements, bijoux, CD, Tentures.
Country: France
Address: 2, allée jean-vincent lhermitais, France Maps
Intro: Vente en ligne de Vinyles Techno, Minimal, Electro, Hardtek, Tribe, Hardcore, Drum'n Bass, Ragga-Jungle, Dubstep, Acid, House, ... Online Vinyls selling of Techno, Minimal, Electro, Hardtek, Tribe, Hardcore, Drum'n Bass, Ragga-Jungle, Dubstep, Acid, House, ...
CD-BD - Record Store Image
Sell: Records, CD, DVD, Blu-ray, Comic books
Country: France
Address: 5 Place Mondain Chanlouineau, 49100 Angers FRANCE, France Maps
Intro: New & Second Hand Vinyl Record Shop
Vinyl Shop - Record Store Image
Vinyl Shop
Sell: Records
Country: France
Address: 12 Rue Monseigneur Graveran, France Maps
Intro: Rock all genre
Point Show - Record Store Image
Point Show
Sell: Records, CD, GOODIES
Country: France
Address: 6 Rue Élie Berthet, 87000 Limoges, France Maps
Intro: Used and new disc VINYL
Espace Musique Marché Dauphine - Record Store Image
Espace Musique Marché Dauphine
Sell: Records
Country: France
Address: 132 Rue des Rosiers 93400 Saint-Ouen, France Maps
Intro: Music space in the Marché Dauphine with a dozen of used records sallers
Interface Records & Gallery - Record Store Image
Interface Records & Gallery
Sell: Records, art luminaire mobilier accessoire
Country: France
Address: 12 bis, rue Caponière 14000 Caen France, France Maps
Intro: Disquaire Vinyls et Galerie d'art contemporain - Luminaire et Mobilier Design - Accessoires tendances
WaxBuyersClub - Record Store Image
Sell: Records
Country: France
Address: 203, rue Vulfran Warmé, 80 000, AMIENS, FRANCE Maps
Intro: A subscription-based vinyl club that releases an exclusive colored vinyl each month.
It's Only - Record Store Image
It's Only
Sell: Records
Country: France
Address: 3, rue Jean Jaurès 35000 Rennes, France, France Maps
Intro: A record store
Le Percolateur - Record Store Image
Le Percolateur
Sell: Records, Brewing Specialty Coffee
Country: France
Address: Narbonne, France Maps
Intro: Mobile Record Store On Wednesday's at public library or Music School On Saturday at the organic market - Place du Forum Events, public theatre, music festival. Check our agenda on the official website
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