Wah Wah Discos (Record store in Barcelona, Spain)

Wah Wah Discos

Barcelona, Spain

Address: Carrer de la Riera Baixa, 14, 08001 Barcelona, Spain

Introduction: WAH WAH was born as a record shop in 1992. Those were hard times for the vinyl collector, and Wah Wah was created to supply the kind of real stuff you wouldn't find in other shops. For over 18 years WAH WAH has been a reference outlet both in Barcelona and abroad, and its highly specialized sections cover a wide range of styles: from jazz & blues to soul and funk, from folk & beat to psych & prog, from surf & exotica to garage & rock'n'roll, from old disco rarities to the ultimate 12" in the dance market; the classics and the obscure... WAH WAH specializes in all styles bizarre. Since 1998, WAH WAH is also a record label. We specialize in reissuing all cool things...

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Wah Wah Discos, Barcelona, Spain