Vaxkupan (Record store in Norrköping, Sweden)


Norrköping, Sweden

Address: Drottninggatan 25, 602 24 Norrköping, Sweden

Introduction: Vaxkupan was founded 1988 by Janne and Christer as a record shop in the basement of the local market hall. We opened the shop with half of our private record collections. Nothing else!Since we both loved black and white photography, we began to import postcards from Fotofolio in New York to get the masterpieces. By then you couldn´t get these cards in Sweden with the exception of the Modern Museum in Stockholm.Our collections expanded. More records. More cards. Local bands celebrated their first records with small concerts in our shop. Including This Perfect Day an unknown band in these days. Maybe a little surprise for those who went to the market hall to buy fish or vegetables...Åke Bjurhamn, a local artist, had an exhibition 1989 where he painted womens voices like Marianne Faithfull, Tracy Chapman etc. The local paper used the headline "New York? No, Norrkoeping!"...In 1993 we decided to move to the main street in town. Nervous days! Shopwindows! 155 squaremeters!In 1995 we got the agency for Fotofolio. A new activity started. Distribution in the Nordic countries of postcards, posters, t-shirts. Later also refrigerator magnets, clocks, key rings, badges etc. Mainly museums and book stores but also a lot of odd shops.Fotofolio was followed by other agencies. Now we stock 500.000 postcards. The world´s most famous photography. And a lot of very odd and interesting stuff. Our latest addition is Betty Page on video...So the shop sells music and images. CDs and postcards. Lots of used CDs, LPs and singles. The very best hammocks, handmade by Maya indians in Mexico. Quality film on video. Lots of refrigerator magnets and much, much else...The music! We are still curious of the new in independent pop, rock, blues, country, jazz etc. We have a great selection of soul music and northern soul. And a huge one on 60s and 70s. Totally 12.000 titles of CDs in stock.

Sells: Records, Postcards, Posters and T-shirts


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Vaxkupan, Norrköping, Sweden
Vaxkupan, Norrköping, Sweden