The Kinks - Muswell Hillbillies / Everybody's In Show-Biz (Box)

Title: Muswell Hillbillies / Everybody's In Show-Biz
Artist: The Kinks
Genre: Rock
Style: Pop Rock
Label: BMG, BMG, Sanctuary Records Group Ltd., Kinks Properties Limited, Kinks Properties Limited
Catalog: BMGCAT720DBOX
Barcode: 4050538796926
A1 20th Century Man
A2 Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues
A3 Holiday
A4 Skin And Bone
A5 Alcohol
A6 Complicated Life
B1 Here Come The People In Grey
B2 Have A Cuppa Tea
B3 Holloway Jail
B4 Oklahoma U.S.A.
B5 Uncle Son
B6 Muswell Hillbilly
C1 Lavender Lane
C2 Mountain Woman
C3 Have A Cuppa Tea (Alternate Version)
C4 Uncle Son (Alternate Version)
C5 Kentucky Moon
C6 Nobody’s Fool (Demo)
D1 Holiday (BBC Peel Session)
D2 Skin And Bone (BBC Peel Session)
D3 20th Century Man (Alternate Instrumental Take)
D4 Queenie (Backing Track)
D5 Muswell Hillbillies Radio Spot (Raymond Douglas Davies)
E1 Here Comes Yet Another Day
E2 Maximum Consumption
E3 Unreal Reality
E4 Hot Potatoes
E5 Sitting In My Hotel
F1 Motorway
F2 You Don't Know My Name
F3 Supersonic Rocket Ship
F4 Look A Little On The Sunny Side
F5 Celluloid Heroes
G1 Top Of The Pops
G2 Brainwashed
G3 Mr. Wonderful
G4 Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues
G5 Holiday
H1 Muswell Hillbillies
H2 Alcohol
H3 Banana Boat Song
H4 Skin And Bone
H5 Baby Face
H6 Lola
I1 Till The End Of The Day (Live)
I2 You’re Looking Fine (Live)
I3 Get Back In Line (Live)
I4 Have A Cuppa Tea (Live)
I5 Sunny Afternoon (Live)
J1 Complicated Life (Live)
J2 Long Tall Shorty (Live)
J3 History (Live)
J4 Supersonic Rocket Ship (Live)
K1 Have A Cuppa Tea
K2 20th Century Man
K3 Motorway
K4 Alcohol
K5 Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues
L1 Supersonic Rocket Ship
L2 Here Come The People In Grey
L3 Here Comes Yet Another Day
L4 Holloway Jail
L5 Sitting In My Hotel
L6 Oklahoma U.S.A.
CD1-1 20th Century Man
CD1-2 Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues
CD1-3 Holiday
CD1-4 Skin And Bone
CD1-5 Alcohol
CD1-6 Complicated Life
CD1-7 Here Come The People In Grey
CD1-8 Have A Cuppa Tea
CD1-9 Holloway Jail
CD1-10 Oklahoma U.S.A.
CD1-11 Uncle Son
CD1-12 Muswell Hillbilly
CD2-1 Here Comes Yet Another Day
CD2-2 Maximum Consumption
CD2-3 Unreal Reality
CD2-4 Hot Potatoes
CD2-5 Sitting In My Hotel
CD2-6 Motorway
CD2-7 You Don't Know My Name
CD2-8 Supersonic Rocket Ship
CD2-9 Look A Little On The Sunny Side
CD2-10 Celluloid Heroes
CD2-11 Top Of The Pops (Live)
CD2-12 Brainwashed (Live)
CD2-13 Mr. Wonderful (Live)
CD2-14 Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues (Live)
CD2-15 Holiday (Live)
CD2-16 Muswell Hillbilly (Live)
CD2-17 Alcohol (Live)
CD2-18 Banana Boat Song (Live)
CD2-19 Skin And Bone (Live)
CD2-20 Baby Face (Live)
CD2-21 Lola (Live)
CD3-1 Have A Cuppa Tea
CD3-2 20th Century Man
CD3-3 Motorway
CD3-4 Alcohol
CD3-5 Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues
CD3-6 Supersonic Rocket Ship
CD3-7 Here Come The People In Grey
CD3-8 Here Comes Yet Another Day
CD3-9 Holloway Jail
CD3-10 Sitting In My Hotel
CD3-11 Oklahoma U.S.A.
CD4-1 Travelling Montage
CD4-2 Travelling With My Band (2022 Mix)
CD4-3 Celluloid Heroes (2022 Mix)
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