Astor Piazzolla - The American Clavé Recordings

Title: The American Clavé Recordings
Artist: Astor Piazzolla
Genre: Jazz
Style: International Music
Label: Nonesuch
Catalog: 075597915297
Barcode: 075597915297
A1 Tanguedia III
A2 Milonga Del Angel
A3 Concierto Para Quintero
A4 Milonga Loca
B1 Michelangelo '70
B2 Contrabajísimo
B3 Mumuki
A1 La Camorra I
A2 La Camorra II
A3 La Camorra III
B1 Soledad
B2 Fugata
B3 Sur: Los Sueños (South: The Dreams)
B4 Sur: Regresso Al Amor (South: A Return to Love)
A1 Prologue (Tango Apasionado)
A2 Milonga for Three
A3 Street Tango
A4 Milonga Picaresque
A5 Knife Fight
A6 Leonora's Song
A7 Prelude to the Cyclical Night (Part One)
B1 Butcher's Death
B2 Leijia's Game
B3 Milonga for Three (Reprise)
B4 Bailongo
B5 Leonora's Love Theme
B6 Finale (Tango Apasionado)
B7 Prelude to the Cyclical Night (Part Two)
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