Charlie Chaplin - Limelight (Original Soundtrack)

Title: Limelight
Artist: Charlie Chaplin
Genre: Stage & Screen
Style: Soundtrack, Score, Theme
Label: Le Chant Du Monde
Catalog: CM743159
Barcode: 5400863075545
A1 Ballet Intro/Terry's Theme
A2 Hurdy Gurdy Waltz
A3 Awakening Theme
A4 Animal Trainer
A5 Spring Song
A6 Satire Waltz
A7 Twilight
A8 I Can Walk
A9 Promenade
A10 Nocturne
A11 Terry's Try-Out/Terry's Theme (Eternally), Piano Solo
A12 Love Waltz
A13 The Harlequinade Ballet/Terry's Theme (Eternally)/Moon Dance
A14 Corps de Ballet/Regrets/Terry's Theme/Pas de Deux/End Dance
B1 Terry's Success (Child's Theme)
B2 Spring Song with Banjo
B3 Derelicts: Big Ben
B4 Sardine Song
B5 Violin Concerto
B6 Death Scene/Terry's Theme/Criterion Waltz
B7 Bonus — Limelight Music with Unused Themes
B8 Bonus — Terry's Theme (Archival Recording, Unused)
B9 Bonus — Chaplin & Pianist at Work on Limelight Music
B10 Bonus — Piano & Violin Rehearsal for Buster Keaton Scene
B11 Bonus — Charlie Chaplin Composing Spring Song for Limelight
B12 Bonus — Charlie Chaplin on Piano Composing Music for Limelight
B13 Bonus — Charlie Chaplin Working on Unfinished Song My Ballerina
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