John Carpenter - The Fog (40th Anniversary) (Score)

Title: The Fog
Artist: John Carpenter
Genre: Stage & Screen
Style: Soundtrack
Label: Waxwork Records, GZ Media, Memphis Record Pressing, StudioCanal, StudioCanal
Catalog: WW067
Barcode: 728028509052
A1 Prologue
A2 Theme From The Fog
A3 Mathew Ghost Story
A4 Walk To The Lighthouse
A5 Rocks At Drake's Bay
A6 The Fog
A7 Antonio Bay
B8 Tommy Tells Of Ghost Ships
B9 Reel 9
B10 Main Theme (Reprise)
B11 The Fog Rolls In
B12 Blake In The Sanctuary
B13 Finale
C14 Ghost Story
C15 The Journal
C16 Seagrass Attack
C17 Andy On The Beach
C18 Where's The Seagrass
C19 Stevie's Lighthouse
C20 Something To Show You
C21 An Evil Plan
C22 Weatherman
C23 Walk To The Lighthouse
C24 Dane
D25 Morgue
D26 The Fog Approaches
D27 Knock At The Door
D28 Fog Reflection
D29 Andy's In Trouble
D30 The Fog Enters Town
D31 Revenge
D32 Number 6
D33 The Fog End Credits
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