GARNER,ERROLL - 1947-1956: The Essential Works

Title: 1947-1956: The Essential Works
Genre: Jazz
Style: Jazz
Label: Diggers Factory, Masters Of Jazz
Barcode: 3760300310564
A1 Summertime
A2 Play, Piano, Play
A3 La Petite Waltz Bounce
A4 Erroll's Bounce
A5 Penthouse Serenade
A6 The Man I Love
B1 Cool Blues
B2 How Deep Is the Ocean
B3 Misty
B4 I've got to be a Rug Cutter
B5 In a Mellow Tone
B6 I'll Remember April
C1 It's Alright With Me
C2 Caravan
C3 Once in a While
C4 Moonglow
D1 Lullaby of Birdland
D2 Blue Ecstasy
D3 Cheek-to-Cheek
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