Charlie Chaplin - Charlie Chaplin Film Music Anthology

Title: Charlie Chaplin Film Music Anthology
Artist: Charlie Chaplin
Genre: Classical , Stage & Screen
Style: Soundtrack
Label: Le Chant Du Monde
Catalog: CM74303536
Barcode: 3149020939536
A1 Original Opening Music / Cast Credits
A2 Nightclub
A3 Fight Club
A4 Factory Scene
A5 The Department Store
A6 Machinery Still
A7 Waiting On Tables
A8 Nonsense Song (Titine)
A9 Dawn / Buck Up - Never Say Die / Smile
B1 Main Title
B2 Ghetto Sign
B3 Barber Shop Scene (Hungarian Dance No. 5)
B4 Globe Dance (Vorspiel Lohengrin)
B5 Pagliaplin / Easy / Work Theme
B6 Love Theme / Valse Elegante / Valse Charmante
B7 Valse Mange (Charlie Eats His Shoe)
B8 Mother's Dance (Bread Roll Dance)
B9 Terry's Solo / Terry's Theme (Eternally) / Pas De Deux
B10 Terry's Success (Child's Theme)
B11 Animal Trainer
B12 Sardine Song
B13 Charlie Chaplin Composing Spring Song For Limelight
C1 Mandolin Serenade
C2 Chess Music
C3 Weeping Willows
C4 Labour Exchange Theme
C5 Rag
C6 Kicked Out (Coffee And Cakes)
C7 D Minor Waltz
C8 Flat Feet Theme
C9 The Post Theme
C10 Inner March Theme
C11 Bound For Texas (Texas Vocal)
C12 Cake
C13 Texas Border Theme
D1 Swing High Little Girl
D2 Breathless (Lion's Cage) / Vanishing Lady Waltz
D3 Blue Eyes
D4 Dreamland / The End
D5 Opening Music / Charlie's Theme
D6 Carefree
D7 Brick Music
D8 Ballet Music
D9 Shock / Agitato
D10 Tar
D11 Charlie Chaplin Composing Music For The Circus
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