Elmer Bernstein - Ghostbusters (Original Motion Picture Score)

Title: Ghostbusters
Artist: Elmer Bernstein
Genre: Electronic , Classical , Stage & Screen
Style: Modern Classical, Score, Contemporary
Label: Sony Classical, Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc., Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc., Sony Music Entertainment, Sony Music Entertainment
Catalog: 19075950021
Barcode: 190759500217
A1 Ghostbusters Theme
A2 Library
A3 Venkman
A4 Hello
A5 The Best One In Your Row
A6 Get Her!
A7 Plan
A8 Dana's Theme
B1 Fridge And Sign
B2 Attack
B3 Client
B4 Dana's Appartment
B5 Same Problem
B6 We Got One
B7 Zuul Part 1
B8 Meeting 1
B9 I Respect You
B10 Who Brought The Dog
C1 Zuul Part 2
C2 Steel Drum
C3 Cross Rip
C4 News
C5 Judgment Day
C6 Mistake
C7 Halls
C8 Ballroom
C9 Trap
C10 Meeting 2
D1 Earthquake
D2 Stairwell
D3 Gozer
D4 Let's Go
D5 We're Going To Save The World
D6 Mr. Stay Puft
D7 Final Battle
D8 Finish
D9 Zuul (Album Version)
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