Twiztid - Generation Nightmare [2 LP]

Title: Generation Nightmare
Artist: Twiztid
Genre: Hip Hop , Rock
Style: Horrorcore
Label: Majik Ninja Entertainment
Catalog: MNE100LP
Barcode: 192641064760
A1 Live Forever
A2 Phlegm in the Windpipe
A3 Speak Of
A4 Something New
A5 Siamese Amazement
B1 Sick Mind
B2 Here With The Dead
B3 Disappear
B4 Bring Me Back
B5 Magic Spellz
C1 Livin' @ The Bottom
C2 Skit 17
C3 Let it Flow
C4 Don't Be Hatin'
C5 Role Models
D1 Wreck
D2 If It Matters What I Think Now
D3 4 The Nightmare Children
D4 The End Of The Beginning
D5 V5 - Strike
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