HOLOWKA,ALEC - Night In The Woods (Original Soundtrack)

Title: Night In The Woods
Genre: Stage & Screen
Style: Soundtrack, Video Game Music
Label: Ghost Ramp, Rainbo Records, Rainbo Records, Rainbo Records, Rainbo Records
Catalog: GR-047
Barcode: 843563110447
A1 Title
A2 Die Anywhere Else
A3 Back To The Holler
A4 Astral Alley
A5 Crimes
A6 Astral Coal Town
A7 Batter Up
A8 Astral Train
B1 Weird Autumn
B2 Possum Springs
B3 Mallard's Tomb
B4 Ol' Pickaxe
B5 Video Outpost 'Too'
B6 Poetry Society
B7 Outskirts
B8 MaeBea
B9 Cycles III
B10 Gregg's Woods
C1 Pumpkin Head Guy
C2 The Long Fall
C3 Church Hill
C4 Rainy Day
C5 Lori M.
C6 Astral Fish
C7 Graveyard Investigations
C8 Thryy Wyrd Tyyns
C9 Finding Bea
D1 Shapes
D2 Church Of The First Coalescence
D3 Angus' Story
D4 Proximity
D5 The Hole At The Center Of Everything
D6 Aftermath
D7 Snow
D8 End Credits
D9 Longest Night
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