MARKED MEN - On The Other Side

Title: On The Other Side
Genre: Rock
Style: Power Pop, Punk, Garage Rock
Label: Dirtnap Records, The Marked Men, Sweet J.A.P., Record Technology Incorporated, Lucky Lacquers
Catalog: ZZZ-155
Barcode: 881970015511
A1 She Won't Know
A2 Nothing's Changed
A3 On
A4 The Other Side
A5 Too Pretty To Fuck
A6 Whip Myself
A7 Lost It All
A8 Oh My Pretty Face
B1 Like Robots
B2 Wait Here, Wait For You
B3 I Can't Be Good
B4 Nothing Worthwhile
B5 Settle Down
B6 That Kid
B7 Disappear
B8 Go Cry
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