Shao - Doppler Shift

Title: Doppler Shift
Artist: Shao
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno, Electro, Experimental, Acid, Ambient, Downtempo, Minimal Techno, Abstract, Synthwave
Label: Tresor
Barcode: 666017329765
A1 Initial Sense
A2 Foreplay
B1 Steel Drums (Take 2)
B2 Transient
C Multiply
D1 Funky Datas
D2 Vibrations
E1 Meta Jam
E2 Same Where, Different When
F1 Jungle Electronique
F2 Fear Is Gone
A Shadow Boat
B1 Bay Rouge
B2 Harbour Chart
A1 Electrons Splitting
A2 Projections From Alcyone
A3 Tuning Frequency
B1 Galactic Core
B2 Aile
C1 Photon Belt
C2 Into The Manasic Belt
C3 Bridge To The Stars
D1 Taygeta
D2 5 D World
A1 Circle
A2 Foci
A3 Ellipse
A4 Parabola
B1 Directrix
B2 Hyperbola
B3 Major Axis
B4 Minor Axis
A1 Intro
A2 Reflection Pt. 1
A3 Bubble
B1 Bubble (Version)
B2 Atmospheric Refraction In The Desert
B3 Winter 2012
A1 Internal Empire
A2 Minus
B1 Within
B2 Home
C Rek
D1 Chase
D2 Spirit Levels
A1 Frost
A2 Sleep Cycle
A3 Sleep Cycle
A4 Sleep Cycle
A5 Sleep Cycle
A6 Sleep Cycle
A7 Sleep Cycle
B1 Wood
B2 Trust (v.2)
A1 Rendezvous In Space
A2 Tomorrow
B1 Moon Dance - The Original
B2 They Are Coming
B3 Strange World
C1 Moon Dance II - The Dance
C2 Lunatic Creature
D1 Room To Move
D2 Lost
A2 Too Far Gone
A3 Erotique Feedback
B1 Past The Edge
B2 Eyes Forward
B3 Backwards Tomarrows
A1 Sagittarius A (Right Ascension)
A2 Pleasure Discipline
A3 Ertrinken
B1 Growth Cycle
B2 Zahlensender
B3 The Approach
C1 Nylon Mood
C2 Alphabet City
C3 Don't Ask, Don't Tell
D1 No Entiendes
D2 Kurzstrecke
D3 Golden Dawn
E1 Interdimensional Interferenc
E2 Distant Paradise
F1 Be
F2 Vampir
G Downtown 161
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