ESTARDY,BERNARD - Bernard Estardy's Space Oddities

Title: Bernard Estardy's Space Oddities
Genre: Electronic , Stage & Screen
Style: Experimental
Label: Born Bad Records, Studio CBE, Kapagama, Kapagama, Vinyl De Paris
Catalog: BB103LP
Barcode: 3521381544046
A1 Artifice Percussion
A2 Cha Tatch Ka
A3 Asiatic Dream
A4 Pussy Ring
A5 Implacable Ring
A6 Super Angoisse
A7 Phasing Round
A8 Slow Very Slow
B1 Gang Train
B2 Rallye Du Diable
B3 Theme Africain
B4 Emeute à Tokyo
B5 Cœur Polaire
B6 Pussy Cacatoes
B7 Angoisse Au Cœur
B8 Marionnettes Club
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