PORCUPINE TREE - Delerium Years: 1991-1993

Title: Delerium Years: 1991-1993
Genre: Rock
Style: Psychedelic Rock, Prog Rock
Label: Kscope
Catalog: KSCOPE893
Barcode: 802644889313
A1 Music For The Head
A2 Jupiter Island
A3 Third Eye Surfer
A4 On The Sunday Of Life
A5 The Nostalgia Factory
B1 Space Transmission
B2 Message From A Self Destructing Turnip
B3 Radioactive Toy
B4 Nine Cats
C1 Hymn
C2 Footprints
C3 Linton Samuel Dawson
C4 And The Swallows Dance Above The Sun
C5 Queen Quotes Crowley
D1 No Luck With Rabbits
D2 Begonia Seduction Scene
D3 This Long Silence
D4 It Will Rain For A Million Years
E Voyage 34 (Phase I)
F Voyage 34 (Phase II)
G Voyage 34 (Phase III - Astralasia Dreamstate)
H Voyage 34 (Phase IV - A New Civilization)
I1 What You Are Listening To...
I2 Synesthesia
I3 Monuments Burn Into Moments
I4 Always Never
J1 Up The Downstair
K1 Not Beautiful Anymore
K2 Siren
K3 Small Fish
L1 Burning Sky
L2 Fadeaway
M1 Cloud Zero
M2 The Joke's On You
M3 Navigator
M4 Phantoms
N1 Rainy Taxi
N2 Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape
O1 Mute
O2 Landscare
O3 Prayer
O4 Daughters In Excess
O5 Delightful Suicide
P1 Split Image
P2 No Reason To Live, No Reason To Die
P3 Wastecoat
P4 Towel
Q1 Execution Of The Will Of The Marquis De Sade
Q2 Track 11
Q3 RadioactiveToy
Q4 An Empty Box
R1 Out
R2 Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape
R3 Music For The Head
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