PERKINS,CARL - Dance Album Of... Carl Perkins

Title: Dance Album Of... Carl Perkins
Genre: Rock
Style: Rock & Roll
Label: Rumble Records
Catalog: RUM2011131
Barcode: 889397105372
A1 Blue Suede Shoes
A2 Movie Magg
A3 Sure To Fall
A4 Gone,Gone,Gone
A5 Honey Don't
A6 Only You
A7 All Mama's Children
B1 Tennessee
B2 Wrong Yo Yo
B3 Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
B4 Matchbox
B5 Your True Love
B6 Boppin' The Blues
B7 That's Right
B8 Glad All Over
B9 Lend Me Your Comb
B10 You Can Do No Wrong
B11 Dixie Fried
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