BROWN,JAMES - Try Me! + 2 Bonus Tracks

Title: Try Me! + 2 Bonus Tracks
Genre: Funk / Soul , Blues
Style: Rhythm & Blues
Label: Pan Am Records
Catalog: 9152266
Barcode: 8436539313540
A1 There Must Be A Reason
A2 (You Made Me Love You) I Want You So Bad
A3 Why Do You Do Me
A4 Got To Cry
A5 Strange Things Happen
A6 Fine Old Foxy Self
A7 Messing With The Blues
A8 Try Me
B1 It Was You
B2 I've Got To Change
B3 Can't Be The Same
B4 It Hurts To Tell You
B5 I Won't Plead No More
B6 You're Mine, You're Mine
B7 Gonna Try
B8 Don't Let It Happen To Me
A9 Night Flying
B9 Night Train
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