Record Stores in Netherlands

PLATENREUS | Record Store


Address: Stoomloggerweg 8, 3133 KT Vlaardingen, Netherlands
Small but very diverse record store.

Music for Miles | Record Store

Music for Miles

Address: Viaductstraat 51, 6659 CM Wamel, Netherlands

Jan Cas Sombroek | Record Store

Jan Cas Sombroek

Address: Havenstraat 3, 1131 BS Volendam, Netherlands
Jan Cas Sombroek voor de nieuwste cd's, boeken en diversen kantoor artikelen.

Kroese | Record Store


Address: Rijnstraat 31, 6811 EW Arnhem, Netherlands
CDs and Vinyl in various genres: pop, jazz, blues, electronica, (hard) rock, world music. No second hand.

Kashmir Recordstore | Record Store

Kashmir Recordstore

Website: Facebook
Address: Boschstraat 106, 4811 GK Breda, Netherlands
2nd Hand | Record Store

Address: Veilingkade 8, 4815 HC Breda, Netherlands
Selling online for over 10 years and now also with an offline store. Specializes in music on vinyl and Technics DJ Gear.

Concerto Recordstore Amsterdam | Record Store

Concerto Recordstore Amsterdam

Address: Utrechtsestraat 52-60, 1017 VP Amsterdam, Netherlands
Concerto is a household name. A one-of-a-kind record store – a cornerstone, if you will. It’s nostalgic, yet ahead of its time. Having opened its doors in this very spot in 1955, it’s been heavily visited ever since. Now spanning five shop fronts, Concerto is a hotspot for music lovers and reason enough alone to visit Amsterdam, thanks to its huge selection of new and second-hand CDs, LPs and DVDs in any genre you can think of.Concerto is a place where music aficionados still take the time to spend hours poring over the racks, looking for that one hard-to-find or super rare CD or LP. But it’s also the place to be when you need to pick up that last-minute, perfect gift for your sister, boyfriend or mother-in-law. Concerto specialises in too many areas to give them all a mention, seeing as we give each genre its own department. What's more, each genre has its own experts, who effortlessly bring you up-to date of the newest releases.Concerto sells new and second-hand CDs, LPs and DVDs, both new and second-hand. The various departments comprise pop, jazz, classical, dance, world music, music DVDs and many other genres. You will also find a broad range of feature films, TV series and documentaries on DVD, both new and second-hand.

InDeep'n'Dance Records | Record Store

InDeep'n'Dance Records

Address: Rozengracht 60, 1016 ND Amsterdam, Netherlands
Specalizing in house and techno 12" vinyl.

Retro Vinyl & Vintage | Record Store

Retro Vinyl & Vintage

Address: Lombardenstraat 9, 4611 VZ Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands
Vinyl & Retro furniture shop

Good Times | Record Store

Good Times

Address: Wageweg 74, 1811 MK Alkmaar, Netherlands
Secondhand musicshop. The place to be for Vinyl fans! Free coffee!

Discostars Recordstore | Record Store

Discostars Recordstore

Address: Haarlemmerdijk 86, 1013 JG Amsterdam, Netherlands
Discostars is an Amsterdam based company since 1956. and is one of the oldest surviving independent record stores. Discostars es una empresa basada en Ámsterdam desde 1956. y es uno de los más antiguos que sobreviven las tiendas de discos independientes. Discostars ist eine in Amsterdam ansässige Unternehmen seit 1956. und ist eine der ältesten noch erhaltenen unabhängigen Plattenläden. Discostars est un société basée à Amsterdam depuis 1956. et est l'un des plus anciens survivants magasins de disques indépendants.Discostars is een Amsterdamse platenwinkel, opgericht in 1956. Het is een van de oudste, nog bestaande, onafhankelijke platenwinkels

Ray Records | Record Store

Ray Records

Address: Rozenlaan 83, 4835 PC Breda, Netherlands
Ray Records is the online record store in Americana, Blues, Country, (alt) Folk en Rock with a modern twist

Black Gold | Record Store

Black Gold

Address: Korte Koningsstraat 13h, 1011 EX Amsterdam, Netherlands
soul, funk, jazz, an electronic edge, the core is nineties hip hop. that old boom bap.

Bob's Vinyl | Record Store

Bob's Vinyl

Address: Dorpsstraat 6, 5735 ED Aarle-Rixtel, Netherlands
Brand new Record Store 'Bob's Vinyl'. Opens October 2018. New and used vinyl (and vinyl only), also sells cool gifts. Open every wednesday, friday and saturday!

Waxwell Records | Record Store

Waxwell Records

Address: Gasthuismolensteeg 8, 1016 AN Amsterdam, Netherlands
Waxwell Records is a specialized record store located in the heart of Historic Amsterdam. We sell used and new vinyl for DJ's, record collectors and music enthusiasts. Waxwell Records specializes in Amsterdam's most diverse and unique selection of Soul, Hip-Hop, Funk, Jazz, Blues, Disco, Rock, Reggae and Pop records. Please join our mailing list for the latest news and information Waxwell Records was established in 2005 and has achieved an international reputation. Waxwell has a unique and extensive collection of vinyl from all over the world. We are constantly updating our in-store selections, we restock the store almost weekly – keeping it fresh always; from Old-School Rap 12"s to rare Jazz Funk 45's, from Brazilian LP's to Dutch breaks. Waxwell Records can also help you with your own personal requests. Beside selling records, we also buy them.

Bordello A Parigi | Record Store

Bordello A Parigi

Address: Oudezijds Kolk 71, 1012 AL Amsterdam, Netherlands
Label, store and distribution based in

Game Over? | Record Store

Game Over?

Address: Hasselaerssteeg 12, 1012 MB Amsterdam, Netherlands
Used video game store which also sells used vinyl, CDs and DVDsLarge collection of J-Pop, J-Rock, K-Pop and K-Rock

Gooisch Vinyl records & cd's | Record Store

Gooisch Vinyl records & cd's

Address: Laarderweg 25, 1402 BB Bussum, Netherlands
Sells and buys second hand & new vinyl records and CDs. Pop, rock, dance, fusion, soul, new wave, reggae, classical music, jazz, Dutch music, collectors items, gadgets, etc.

Pick Up Your Records | Record Store

Pick Up Your Records

Address: Hendrik Jacobszstraat 8, 1075 PD Amsterdam, Netherlands
Pick Up Your Records sells vinyl in virtually every genre and style. Classical, Jazz, Blues, Soul, Funk, Disco, Reggae, Hip Hop, Dance, Beat, Pop, Country, Alternative, Rock, Metal, Misc - you name it, we have it. From dollar box miracles to really rare pressings. From mainstream artists to the most obscure indie labels. All killers, no fillers. Our record shop offers a frequently refreshed collection of 4,000 records, ranging from the '60s to the '00s, within a bandwidth of €2.50 to €10.- and - if you insist (and ask the owner for it) - a few Secret Boxes filled with genuine collectibles.

Flesch records | Record Store

Flesch records

Address: Noorderkerkstraat 16, 1015 NB Amsterdam, Netherlands
Recordshop with classical music, folk, 70s pop, french jazz and more.

ZAP Records | Record Store

ZAP Records

Website: Facebook
Address: Paleisstraat 137, 1012 ZL Amsterdam, Netherlands
Zap records was established in 2016. Specialising in all musical genres. 2 floors with records. large 2,50 euro section.

Killacutz Records | Record Store

Killacutz Records

Address: Nieuwe Nieuwstraat 21 HS, 1012 NG Amsterdam, Netherlands
We buy and sell 2nd hand records. Chicago House, Detroit Techno, Tech House, Techno, Acid, Jazz, Pop/Rock, Hip-Hop

Tunes Ville | Record Store

Tunes Ville

Address: Haagdijk 16, 4811 TT Breda, Netherlands
LP - CD - DVD - 12" - 7" (secondhand and new)pop, rock, metal, jazz, house, techno, electro, hiphop, soul, funk, black music, reggae, soundtracks etc. etc.

Second Life Music | Record Store

Second Life Music

Address: Prinsengracht 366, 1016 JA Amsterdam, Netherlands
Second Life Music is a second-hand record shop in the centre of Amsterdam, Holland. We sell mainly vinyl records, but also CDs, record players, accessories and related items, all second-hand. The supply varies daily, depending on what we buy in. Basicly we sell all genres of music, from classical to house.At the moment there is a lot of disco, soul, jazz, pop/rock, dutch artists, popular music from the 50's till the 90's.

Pop-Eye / Velvet Music Alkmaar | Record Store

Pop-Eye / Velvet Music Alkmaar

Address: Boterstraat 10, 1811 HP Alkmaar, Netherlands
Oldest record store in Alkmaar stocking new and secondhand vinyl, CDs and DVD/Blu-Ray.