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Crevette Records - Record Store Image
Crevette Records
Sell: Records, Various vinyl accessories available in the shop. Check:
Country: Belgium
Address: Rue Blaes 146 1000 Brussels BELGIUM, Belgium Maps
Intro: Brussels based recordstore specialized in Dance Music of all stripes. Also offering a nice selection of Wave, Disco, Ambient, African, Jazz, Dub, Hiphop and all things good. Selling both new and second hand records.
Records & More - Record Store Image
Records & More
Sell: Records
Country: Belgium
Address: Sint-Magdalenastraat 2, 2200 Herentals (Belgium), Belgium Maps
Intro: Pop-up store, started in June 2015. By appointment, but usually open from 15:00 to 18:00 during the week.
La Boite à Musique - Record Store Image
La Boite à Musique
Sell: Records
Country: Belgium
Address: Coudenberg 74 1000 Brussels Belgium, Belgium Maps
Intro: Classical music CD shop
Taille 33 - Record Store Image
Taille 33
Sell: Records, Turntables Bags Clothes and merchandising around viny
Country: Belgium
Address: Rue des Wallons Galerie Saint-Hubert 1348 - LOUVAIN-LA-NEUVE, Belgium Maps
Intro: Vinyl Shop new & secondhand.
Cyclone Records - Record Store Image
Cyclone Records
Sell: Records
Country: Belgium
Address: Louis Van Houttestraat 81 9050 Ledeberg Belgium, Belgium Maps
Intro: A record store
Dust Dealers - Record Store Image
Dust Dealers
Sell: Records
Country: Belgium
Address: Rue Vanderschrick 22 Brussels, Belgium Maps
Intro: Jazz & Soul
Music Media Corner - Record Store Image
Music Media Corner
Sell: Records, New dvd & blu-ray orderable, used dvd's from 1€, merchandise music and other items
Country: Belgium
Address: Leopoldstraat 13 - 2850 Boom (Belgium), Belgium Maps
Intro: New & used vinyl (7" - 12" - LP) Variety of styles (dance - rock - indie - ...) Cd's (new & used)
Escalade Records - Record Store Image
Escalade Records
Sell: Records
Country: Belgium
Address: Rue Africaine, 108 Brussels, Belgium, Belgium Maps
Intro: House, Disco, Funk, Techno, Hip-Hop...
Phonophil Vinyle - Record Store Image
Phonophil Vinyle
Sell: Records
Country: Belgium
Address: Rue de la Montagne 4 6200 Châtelet, Belgium Maps
Intro: Achat et vente disque vinyle et matériel hi -fi et réparation
Vynilla - Record Store Image
Sell: Records, A nice selection of self imported wines!
Country: Belgium
Address: Sint-Kwintensberg 38 9000 Gent Belgium, Belgium Maps
Intro: Vynilla is based in Gent since 1981. We have built a reputation with our 'self-willed' selection of music, both on vinyl and cd. We buy and sell new and secondhand, and we specialise in collector's. Almost every kind of music. We specialise in Belgian items! Vynilla is open every day from 11 am to 6 pm and often longer! Closed on Sunday.
Lido Music - Record Store Image
Lido Music
Sell: Records, DVD's (concerts - movies - serials - cartoons), Tickets shows
Country: Belgium
Address: 45, rue des Croisiers 5000 Namur (Belgium), Belgium Maps
Intro: In Business for more than 30 years. Many vinyls and CD's of pop, rock, jazz, classical music, folk, metal, french singers, world music, jazz, blues, ... In the middle of the town centre ! Une expérience de plus de 30 ans. Un grand stock de vinyles et CD de pop, rock, jazz, classical music, folk, metal, french singers, world music, jazz, blues, ... En plein centre de Namur !
Just For The Record - Coffee & vinyl - Record Store Image
Just For The Record - Coffee & vinyl
Sell: Records, Beverages and snacks
Country: Belgium
Address: Diesterstraat 18 3500 Hasselt, Belgium Maps
Intro: (Second hand) Record Store in a coffee shop environment.
Meloman - Record Store Image
Sell: Records
Country: Belgium
Address: Courte rue des Fontaines, 75 1300 Wavre Belgium, Belgium Maps
Intro: Second Hand & new records & CD
Morbus Gravis - Music Space - Record Store Image
Morbus Gravis - Music Space
Sell: Records, Books, Zines, VHS, DVD
Country: Belgium
Address: Lange Kievitstraat 30 2018 Antwerpen Belgium, Belgium Maps
Intro: Avantgarde, underground, industrial, improv, ambient, weird, OST, library, Berlin school, CD, cassette, vinyl, etc. No bending to public taste. No concession to entertainment. No cultivation of 'contacts'.
Hippedelic Records - Record Store Image
Hippedelic Records
Sell: Records
Country: Belgium
Address: Gembloux, Belgium Maps
Intro: Hippedelic Records specializes in out-of-print Obscure Psychedelic Records. We carry a large stock of original psychedelic records from USA and CANADA. We buy, sell, trade obscure 60's and 70's records.
United Scooters - Record Store Image
United Scooters
Sell: Records, scooters...
Country: Belgium
Address: Nijvelsesteenweg 337 - 1500 HALLE, Belgium Maps
Intro: They sell scooters... and vinyl Discover our large music department, vinyl reissue’s in all gerne’s… Pop, Rock, Sixties, Mod, Britpop, Rock’n’Roll, Soul & Funk, Northern soul, Heavy stuff & Punk, Blues classics, Jazz & Mod-jazz, Soundtracks, Belgian artists & bands, Français, Lounge, Cocktail music, Latin, Calypso, Bossa Nova & Worldmusic, Swing, Hip Hop, Breakbeat, Dance, Elektro classics, Reggae, Dub, Ska & Rocksteady….
Vinyl in a Box - Record Store Image
Vinyl in a Box
Sell: Records
Country: Belgium
Address: Sportstraat 8, 8310 Brugge (Bruges), Belgium, Belgium Maps
Intro: <b>Online Vinyl Store</b> - Cutting Edge Dance Music & Quality Electronic Music - Vinyl Only - Soundtracks <i>Selling Only Online</i> - Local Pick-up possible. Please use the contact form on the website. Looking for a particular record? => please visit <a href="">Vinyl in a Box Facebook</a> to contact Ward directly via Messenger.
Eddy's Records - Record Store Image
Eddy's Records
Sell: Records
Country: Belgium
Address: Bergensesteenweg 49 – 1500 Halle, Belgium, Belgium Maps
Intro: Well sorted second hand vinyl shop.
The Rocking Bull - Record Store Image
The Rocking Bull
Sell: Records, Merchandise, Collectibles & More
Country: Belgium
Address: Sint Katelijnevest 52, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium Maps
Intro: Rock, Metal & More...
MVC - Record Store Image
Sell: Records, Videos, Games
Country: Belgium
Address: Sint-Jorisstraat 70, 3583 Paal (Belgium), Belgium Maps
Intro: By appointment only
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