Watts Music (Record store in Novato, California, United States)

Watts Music

Novato, California, United States

Address: 1211 Grant Avenue, Novato, CA 94945, USA

Introduction: Since 1979, Watts Music has been one of the principal retailers of music, both old and new, in the North Bay. While Watts sells music in a variety of formats, in recent years the record store has seen a surge in popularity due to their large selection of vinyl records; something they never stopped selling, even when vinyl was considered obsolete by many. In addition to vinyl, Watts also has a wide array of cassettes, CD's, and even 8-tracks (for those with super vintage car stereos).Perhaps Watts' greatest strength as a store is their extremely fair pricing. Older titles that might be priced at $20 or more only 45 minutes away in San Francisco or the East Bay, are generally all between the $5 and $8 range at Watts. This makes the store a particular favorite of collectors fortunate enough to live close by.An additional benefit of Watts is, if they don't have the title you're looking for in-store, Darren, the manager, can generally order it from his distributor and have it at the store in as little as one or two business days.For those looking for a truly old school record shop to browse and talk music in, Watts is definitely the place to go.

Sells: Records, DVDs, VHS, Posters

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Watts Music, Novato, California, United States